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Thread: "Super Street Fighter IV"

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    KD_Alpha's Avatar
    5,196 posts since Jun 2006

    You're not as far ahead of me in ranked as you might think. I've been playing this game for 3 months, how long have you played this game? And you're on pace to match my 4 month skill level? If we follow the trend I'll be double perfecting you non stop in 6 months.

    All that picture shows is how little you've progressed.

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    Hector Garfria's Avatar
    17,888 posts since Mar 2009

    I haven't played ranked in months due to actual ggpo taking up all my interest. Once you get called up to the Major Leagues like me, and actual stand your ground in a superior talent pool, then you can bark.

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    Hey guys, I don't play this game online too often (that netcode is awful) but I play in arcades and travel to tournaments and junk. I'm not saying I'm amazing, but I'm kinda into this game. So what's the general skill level around here and who wants to play? ^^;

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    Hector Garfria's Avatar
    17,888 posts since Mar 2009

    KD might play you, everyone else has moved on to better games.

    You're going to need to make a stop here first and buy some supplies,

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    Char Aznable's Avatar
    2,559 posts since Feb 2008

    Quote Originally Posted by Anne IFrank View Post
    Hey guys, I don't play this game online too often (that netcode is awful) but I play in arcades and travel to tournaments and junk. I'm not saying I'm amazing, but I'm kinda into this game. So what's the general skill level around here and who wants to play? ^^;
    Are you on 360, PS3? What is your gamertag?

    Most of us play on 360, and I'll get into a few matches if you feel like it. I don't take the game too seriously, and I'm not great by any means.

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    I'm on both, on 360 I'm Anne IFrank and on PSN I'm AnneIFrank. I'm a Sakura main, but I can scrub with just about anybody and can be helpful in general ^_^

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    KD_Alpha's Avatar
    5,196 posts since Jun 2006

    I will play to preserve my dominance here. The skill level is Learned Scrub to pretty good. Best on here now besides me would have to be Cataract or Diztrukted. I play 3S now though, if you'd like to try that out. o KD Alpha o on 360.

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    Hector Garfria's Avatar
    17,888 posts since Mar 2009

    "Dominance" nigga please. You the Chris Paul of this forum, yeah you alright, top 5 for sure, but when the real niggas come through you dat bitch trying to flop instead of running back on defense.

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    KD_Alpha's Avatar
    5,196 posts since Jun 2006

    Dominance, head and shoulders better than anyone else here in SSFIV. Only people who used to be able to beat me consistently were Guru (when I didn't pick Rose) and Danro (when I didn't pick Balrog), everyone else was either scrub-tier or good, but not good enough. You know this in your heart, despite what your chihuahua-brain thinks.

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    Hector Garfria's Avatar
    17,888 posts since Mar 2009

    Sahn, saaaahn, SF4 is a chump's game. The true baller are in the world of street fighter 3

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    KD_Alpha's Avatar
    5,196 posts since Jun 2006

    Bloo logic: Yeah, but you ain't seein' me in Parcheesi, son.

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    I'm training up for ECT (rooming with Diztrukted). Classes and shit are hectic, but I'm trying to find time to play now and then, though not as much as I want to. Running an event on campus this coming Tuesday to try and get more people interested in the game, so hopefully I can come out of it with some players to bring to locals.

    Still trying to decide if I want to devote time into another character in case I run into any bad matches at ECT. I only have really basic knowledge of a good majority of the cast. I mean, it's enough when I'm fucking around with friends in casuals, but I'd like to have another answer to someone's main other than Honda. I realize that I like characters that are really straightforward, and now I'm trying to decide what I'm going to do with that. I'm considering Guile or Fei at this point.

    I like Guile because I like playing defensively. I'm still having an issue with patience sometimes (hence why I don't go with Gief as much as I love the character), but I figure that can be something I can realistically work on. Guile also seems more viable than Dhalsim if someone gets in close, and having a fast recovering projectile is attractive to me. Also, I'd be sticking with a charge character.

    I like Fei because he's got some decent damage output, is relatively fast, yet he doesn't do anything seemingly tricky. Granted, I haven't put much time into him at all, but he seems somewhat simple and reliant on solid play rather than gimmicks. I can respect that. Not sure, though. I'm going to put some time into training mode with both of them this weekend and see what happens.

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    KD_Alpha's Avatar
    5,196 posts since Jun 2006

    Playing Fei means knowing his gimmicks, cross up/not a cross up MP, cr.MP frame trap, frame trapping with rekkas, auto-correct chicken wings, he has his gimmicks just like everyone else. There's no reason to not try and get good with him, his character is one of the best in the game and he doesn't have any really bad match ups. Not sure who his worst match up would be, but I'd guess Cammy or Akuma, two other top tier characters.

    what I'm saying is dooet, having multiple characters in my arsenal only helped me.

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    How long until ECT? Time might be an issue for learning a new character to have. I'm in the process of getting ready for FR, but I'm focusing more on P4U, I'm kinda burned on this game for the most part.

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    ECT is the second or third week of May, I believe.

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    If you start now you might have him in time as a counterpick mostly. I'm no wbtw if anybody wants to play >.>

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    Feel free to add me on PSN, my name on there is CTRCT. I'm at school, so my connection is sometimes pretty laggy. I'd be down to play at maybe 5PM CST or so.

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    Hector Garfria's Avatar
    17,888 posts since Mar 2009

    Hidden Scrub Files: What KD doesn't want you to see

    Get shitted on, by a Necro? Damn son, if only you were knowledgeable about the game and didn't rely on lag tactic akuma to try to scrub your way to every victory. If only.

    EDIT: YO in that 1st vid you got raped by two ex overhead specials in a row. Stay retarded son, for life.
    Last edited by Hector Garfria; 03-22-2013 at 12:51 AM.

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    KD_Alpha's Avatar
    5,196 posts since Jun 2006

    Because obviously the game wasn't laggy at all and I know the match up. I have, after all, played 3S since it first came out and therefor have the experience needed to be the best?

    What aboutchoo, nigga:


    Not only did this dude treat you like a scrub, you lost like a scrub. Who the fuck jumps into a taunt that kills them? And cpt egregious is a troll, so you got beat by a troll at your own 'grown man game.'

    3 months < 2 years

    Upon closer inspection, there's a fucking library dedicated to your ass whoopings:


    And there's 3 more like the following


    A couple laggy fights against a good character I've never fought before is hardly the sample size you go by. Also, the guy was from Mexico. Can't remember the GT off hand, I'll post it when I look him up. But, really? The losses seemed more stacked on your side homie, this ain't even my game yet. Still learning, still improving, still winning most of the time despite that.

    You've reached your ceiling, you can run your mouth a little more once I begin to reach mine.

    Edit: Dude's name is OrejaDeVanGoh, XBL won't bring up his gamer card for me, but the top post on this forum talks about his lagginess:


    And that was pretty much all I could find on him other than one replay someone uploaded of him losing, but even then the match looks laggy.

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    Hector Garfria's Avatar
    17,888 posts since Mar 2009

    dance puppet dance

    I have about 1000+ matches in ranked, there's going to be poor showings somewhere along the way no matter what, the difference here is that you consider them of value when I've moved on to the higher plain known as GGPO. You can beat me in laggy matches on XBL next time we play and you can hold them in your heart as proof that you are worth a damn, but the truth is the game plays differently on ggpo, and even more so offline. Your pea brain can keep itself content with this all it wants, us higher beings will stick to taking only the thugiest of venues seriously.

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