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Thread: "Super Street Fighter IV"

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    Something had to be seriously wrong with that kid mentally. That's like me playing Bloo for money in MvC3. You just know better than to do dumb shit like that.

    I'd money match KDFree all day in Marvel though.

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    KD_Alpha's Avatar
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    First of all, if I was going to money match your scrub ass, I'd train for it and that already puts me at a 75% advantage over you without even knowing who you'd pick. Secondly, if I were to money match anyone in anything, it would be Alpha 3, not some scrub ass, full-screen hyper combo, bullshit shenanigan game.

    "I ain't a real nigga" is Usedtabe. Dude reps his whitebadge like it means something. News flash, crackuh, Obama won again, SON. Y'know what that means? You and Bill "Let's Do it Live!" O'Fucking Reilly can take your pasty asses back to Europe now. We brownies run this bitch now, ya heard? We know why you guys don't want Puerto Rico to become a recognized state. Doesn't matter, gringo. Niggas and vatos. All day, erryday.

    Now, to get to what I originally came here to do:

    But seriously, this is great news. You guys can stop blaming it all on Potato Head now. Who's the new scapegoat gonna be next time? Will it be a limping Steve Nash that wasn't too old to join the team and run the offense but will be way too old if he gets injured often and can't produce like he used to? Or will it be fan-favorite bitchmadenigga, Pau Gasol, who despite having pretty good numbers throughout his career is never doing anything good enough for fans unless they win the game in which case he dominated?
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    Hector Garfria's Avatar
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    Oh man, that whole James Harden thing sure was fun right?

    Not counting those first two games, he's only averaging 19.8 points on 33% shooting and the Rockets are 1-4.

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    KD_Alpha's Avatar
    5,196 posts since Jun 2006

    Woah shit, it's like we were expecting to win a championship with Jeremy Lin, James Harden, and Omer Asik as our primary scorers. I know we have Chandler Parsons and Patrick Patterson, perennial All-Stars, MVP candidates, Defensive Player of the Year candidates, Hall of Famers and shoe-ins for the 2016 Olympics, but they can't do it all on their own. James Harden obviously needs to step his game up like Kobe did so they can have a better record than 3 - 4. 3 - 4? Really, Houston? That's pretty ass-tier, only ass-tier teams have 3 - 4 records. Who the fuck can expect to win a championship after starting off the season 3 - 4?

    Oh, right.

    Edit: We play each other next Sunday. You better hope them Laker faggitz win.

    Double Edit Upper Max: Houston is 4 - 4 and LAL are 3 - 5. At this point in the season we're a better team than they are. No excuses, Lakers straight ass.
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    Hector Garfria's Avatar
    17,888 posts since Mar 2009


    Houston always comes up short when it comes time to actually be relevant.

    Harden scored 20 with 18 shots taken, fucking MWP scored 15 with 8 shots taken.

    Fucking Kobe with a bad wrist and left knee last season still scored on a higher percentage than Harden in his prime so far. And Kobe got one more assist than your starting PG tonight.

    No wonder no one expects shit from this team, bunch of overpaid, overrated bums.

    When Pau GaSoft is pushing your dudes around it's time to kill yourself Rocket fans.
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    KD_Alpha's Avatar
    5,196 posts since Jun 2006

    Congrats on beating Houston, Lakers. Must've been a huge accomplishment for you guys. The Lakers look great against sub-500 teams this season. If you guys face a bunch of those in the post season I smell another championship.

    But in all seriousness, I hate Jeremy Lin. Mostly because we gave him that super ridiculous contract, because at least Asik and Harden are producing something. Chandler Parsons has been the only bright spot in what will otherwise be another shitty season for us, but if we can get rid of McHale, Morey, Lin and build around Parsons, Harden, and Asik we should have a playoff contender going forward.

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    Hector Garfria's Avatar
    17,888 posts since Mar 2009

    LOL James Harden straight up gave up last night vs Utah.

    That team is going places.

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    Hector Garfria's Avatar
    17,888 posts since Mar 2009

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    KD_Alpha's Avatar
    5,196 posts since Jun 2006

    Old, but still awesome.


    I hope he slams on Dwight this year. Kinda like this:


    Only, I want Dwight to retire forever afterwards. Like Phil Jackson did after this game:


    Y'know, the one where they got absolutely destroyed and humiliated for Phil's last game ever. It's like life knew he didn't deserve all those rings.

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    umberhulk's Avatar
    1,447 posts since May 2007
    The two weeks after that game involved yelling "Jason Terry" whenever someone would make a corner 3 in SoCal pickup game.

  13. #14793
    KD_Alpha's Avatar
    5,196 posts since Jun 2006

    Everyone was practicing their fall-away, one-foot, leaning, fade away 3's down here. The effect was widespread in Texas.

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    KD_Alpha's Avatar
    5,196 posts since Jun 2006

    Someone should let Kobe know that the Lakers could win a lot more if he wasn't taking 30 shots and only handing out 3 assists a game.

    George Hill, son? Over Dwight? Over Pau? Twice?

    That D'Antoni defense at its best.

    We already have a better record at this point in the season and if we can beat the Thunder tonight we can argue that we're still the better team. I thought with all those All-Stars they bought L.A. would at least be in the playoff picture, but, wow...what happened?

  15. #14795
    Hector Garfria's Avatar
    17,888 posts since Mar 2009

    "oh man no one plays boring ass sf4 anymore, better get the thread back on page 1 maybe someone will feed my ego."

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    KD_Alpha's Avatar
    5,196 posts since Jun 2006

    "oh man I don't have a response to this I better just play it off and bring up some shit totally not relevant in order to side track everyone from the real issue at hand; why the Lakers still fucking suck."

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    Hector Garfria's Avatar
    17,888 posts since Mar 2009

    My team aint the one that just got anally ravished by 20+ points, George hill made some hero ball plays, we didn't get DESTROYED.

    Shout outs to Harden peacing out of games half-way through them.

  18. #14798
    KD_Alpha's Avatar
    5,196 posts since Jun 2006

    Again, a team that was literally assembled during this season, with their head coach out, literally the youngest team in the league, in rebuilding mode, having come from a funeral...and we still look better than the Lakers. By all means we should be the worst team in the league yet we're riding that .500 bar just like D'Antoni's club.

    The Thunder are a championship contender with something to prove. Their record indicates that. Their last 2 wins indicate that. Last year indicates that. If we had won it would've been amazing because we are nowhere close to being as cohesive a unit as the Thunder. The funny thing is, taking records right now into account, we're just as good as the Lakers are right now. That's no MVPs, no championship experience, no head coach, no experience playing together at all, no DPOTY winners, nothing close to the caliber of roster the Lakers and yet, we still have the same record.

    The issue is never going to be why is Houston so bad in its first year of rebuilding mode. Anybody who expects anything more than a playoff appearance at best is fooling themselves. The issue is solely with the Lakers. They have a legitimate HOF PG, SG and C (if he can win a championship) in their starting line up with a great coach in Mike D, and solid players all around them in Gasol, Hill, Jamison, MWP, Meeks and even Blake on occasion. And they still suck as much as they do. This was supposed to be better than Boston or Miami's big 3. It's closer to the Malone and Peyton Lakers.

    Houston's gonna be okay, I can promise you that, but when the Lakers fall again in the first or second round of the playoffs, will Lakers fans really be able to handle that truth? The one where Dwight jumps ship after a failed experiment, and Nash and Kobe set to retire, leaving L.A. a smoking crater of empty promise? Because its obvious to everyone outside of L.A. that the future rides on this season and this season looks bleaker and bleaker with every game.

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    Hector Garfria's Avatar
    17,888 posts since Mar 2009

    There's hope for you yet KD, Ono just teased a new balance for SSF4: FUCK THIS IS BORING EDITION v2012

  20. #14800
    KD_Alpha's Avatar
    5,196 posts since Jun 2006

    I actually hope they don't balance it. This version isn't completely broken and stupid as all fuck. Only sometimes now, where it used to be all the time. Any more tinkering will result in what is sure to be a manure fire.


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