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Thread: The Cinema / Rate the last movie you saw

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    New Denzel movie-Unlandable(9/10). Or it might be called Flight either way it rules.

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    Just finished watching The Warriors. Oh man it's been a while since I've seen this and it's just as kooky as I remember it. Pretty good, no complaints and I keep forgetting that the actress who played the DJ was also the Chief in Where in the World is Carmen San Diego.

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    Holy shit, Cloud Atlas was great. Once you get past the weird makeup everyone's in that is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aaron Mxy Yost View Post
    Holy shit, Cloud Atlas was great. Once you get past the weird makeup everyone's in that is.
    Are you kidding I loved 80 year old asian Halle Berry. But also yes that movie was everything I wanted it to be after reading the book. That will be a Blu Ray pick up for sure.

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    I considered Cloud Atlas to have some of the best looking prosthetics I've seen.

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    The make up isn't badly done (in fact I think overall it was extremely impressive), it's just very bizarre to see the same actors flipping races and occasionally genders multiple times in one movie. There were a few times where they were totally unrecognizable and I didn't realize that character X was played by actor Y until the end credits.

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    McCullin. 10/10 if you have an interest in photography, 11/10 if you also have an interest in the Vietnam and/or Cambodian wars, 6/10 if you don't care for any of that. Equally fascinating and horrific; not something you wanna sit the kids down in front of.

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    Just finished watching The I love that movie. I'm so bummed that they have not done either a sequel or a prequel to that movie, either or would be fantastic.

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    I know right!? It's my favourite Pixar film by far. Unlike other psychopaths in the world I find it easier to empathise with human characters. Urgh. Pixar is dying.

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    I also found out to my complete surprise that the person who does the voice for Edna Mode is actually the director. Also I just want a sequel/prequel just so I can have more of that character.

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    Saw 'Paranormal Activity 4' last night.

    Recognized the dad as one of the Americans from Stephen Sommers' update of 'The Mummy', and from the short lived late '90s sitcom 'Oh, Grow Up'.

    Hadn't seen that guy in anything in a while so I looked him up online. Turns out his name is Stephen Dunham and he died last September of a heart attack on his forty-eighth birthday.


    That's really all I have to say about that movie. Well, aside from

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    My girlfriend and I somehow got on a discussion about Kelly Preston and John Travolta, which naturally ended with us watching The Experts, which was the movie set they met on.

    I still find it hilarious how the 80's viewed the punk rock culture.

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    Jesus dude, I keep thinking you're Randy. You started talking about your girlfriend and I was like "waaaaaait a minute now."

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    People confuse us all the damn time.

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    We're identical twins.

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    Watched Jaws again tonight, paying special attention to the directing this time. I love the visual of the scene taking place on the ferry, from the mayor driving onto the boat and the camera staying still on board as the ferry pulls out, spins and makes its way across the water. It makes it look like everything is moving around the ferry and the camera while focus in on Brody's conversation. I hadn't really ever thought much of it until now.

    Then there are all of the things I've always loved, like the actors at different depths in the same frame and the multiple focuses keeping everything clear. How naturally Scheider emotes what Brody is thinking, how the direction clues you in on what he's paying attention to without forcing it.

    And of course it's Jaws, so it's a wonderful move regardless of anything else. So pretty on bluray too.

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    Watched Slither again last night. I fucking love that movie.

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    Watched Orgazmo again for the first time in forever. I'd forgotten how many lines I filched from that movie. (Jesus Christ! Where??; Dirty so-and-so; I think Depeche Mode is a sweet band). I'd also forgotten how not very good it is. Besides Matt Stone's character, most of it falls flat and just takes too long to develop or is kind of boring. A good early attempt for Parker, but not Team America.


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