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Thread: The Cinema / Rate the last movie you saw

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    Gotta agree and add that I feel like checking out the films of his which I have not seen.

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    I would recommend Darjeeling Limited if you haven't seen that.

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    That's one I have seen like twice and did enjoy. Had Adrien Brody in. 10/10.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BadStar View Post
    I would recommend Darjeeling Limited if you haven't seen that.
    I haven't seen that one either. Will have to give it a go. Thanks for the tip

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mighty Hatman View Post
    Watched Dredd. It's bloody fantastic.

    Also saw Invention of lying, The Expendables, finally! and Cowboys vs Aliens..
    Good day!

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    On new years I watched The Dark Knight Rises and Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter. Both were firmly in the "Meh" category.

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    The Hobbit: Without question the best 3D movie I've ever seen, the only movie where I felt the it was worth it. I don't really want to see it in anything but 3D now, it's that cool. The camera moves all the time, the wide-angle lenses work beatifully with the 3D, and the movie isn't afraid of being gratuitous about the effect, like so many so-called 3D movies are. The 48fps thing was also cool, and worked especially well with the action scenes.

    Now for the movie itself: it's good. It's alright and entertaining.


    It feels more like a Lord of the Rings-ripoff than a movie based on The Hobbit, and I can't help but feel that Peter Jackson really just wanted to make those movies again and get the old cast back together, like a 40-year-old man at his high-school reunion reliving his glory days. Dragging it out to three movies (or, as I've gathered it, two movies directly based on the Hobbit, and one movie tying the events of the Hobbit and LotR together) just felt pointless, and I really think we've been sacrificed of one exellent film in order to make three okay ones instead. To its credit, it doesn't have a cliffhangery ending. Instead, it's more like "Yeah, that dangerous task is done, now there's no more great hardships for- Oh right, Smaug."

    I'm looking forward to the next movie for the giant spiders alone, though. First time since before I was disappointed by the boring reality of nearly all 3D movies that I've been excited about 3D.

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    Quartet was nice, didn't realise it'd be what it was, thought maybe it'd be more of a comedy where Smith has to teach old people to sing but still I those British thespian heartwarmers.

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    Finally saw Skyfall. Hands down the best Bond film ever made. So fucking much. Only criticism I can accept is pacing, but that is for people who care too much about film structure who are not me.

    Also, I can't help but care even less for all the industry slime lobbying against piracy when such insane numbers are being posted for box office grosses. They should take more care in making less shitty films that deserve to be pirated.

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    idgaf about pacing unless it's too fast. I can deal with a film taking ages to get to the point as long as everything else about it is good.

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    I'm wondering how many parallels there between it and Nolan Batman flims.

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    I like how in Skyfall Judi Dench pretends to not be great at shooting a gun. We all know you're ghetto gurl.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tarvu View Post
    I'm wondering how many parallels there between it and Nolan Batman flims.
    I still think it would've been awesome if Javier Bardem had played Bane while Tom Hardy went up against Daniel Craig. Haven't seen Skyfall yet though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GlowBear View Post
    I like how in Skyfall Judi Dench pretends to not be great at shooting a gun. We all know you're ghetto gurl.
    She still Judi from the block.

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    No Leggy, Javier Bardem's villain is a straight up Joker parody.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tarvu View Post
    No Leggy, Javier Bardem's villain is a straight up Joker parody.
    Pretty sure you're kidding yet I can see how that would actually happen.
    Last edited by Sir Legendhead; 01-10-2013 at 12:39 PM. Reason: page needed more Tarvu

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    There should have been much more Javier thigh stroking in that film.

    The film has its flaws, I enjoyed it quite a bit (perhaps moreso because of Dench) despite not being convinced Craig is good enough to be Bond, but he pulled it off here. It's still not anywhere close to being my favourite Bond film though.

    The James Bond films are my favourite franchise ever, I have scrapbooks full to the brim of any related picture, facts ect accumulated since I was 6 and I use to know silly facts like who the assisstant director of whatever film was, so I'm hard to please, but yeah just my own opinion man.

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    Watched 'Machine Gun Preacher' on netflix yesterday after putting it off forever. It just seemed like "Oh, another Gerard Butler movie. Yawn." But it surprised me by actually being good. I mean I like the idea of Gerard Butler movies, he's a likable actor and all, but in practice his movies generally aren't my cup of tea.

    Anyways, 'Machine Gun Preacher'. Yes. Good movie, and not goofy like its title or cover art would suggest. It got me in the feels a bit. Also it carried an important message:

    I was also watching 'House of the Devil' again last night. I've been watching it every couple months on netflix so I bought the DVD and was checking out one of the commentaries, and I fell asleep towards the end. Woke up from a very messed up dream a couple hours later with the DVD at the title menu playing this creepy music from the movie and it was all very unsettling. It was great.

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    Last movie I saw was The Girl Who Leapt through time. Wasn't really sure what to expect from it but it turned out to be pretty good. It's an anime about a girl who gains the ability to go back in time at will (duh) but she finds out she only has a limited number of times she can do it. What I found quite interesting about it was that what she used her power on was exactly what you would expect a teenage girl to. Kind of silly minor shit. And, also like you would expect, she fucks things up somewhat. Not what I'm usually in to but it made for an interesting twist on the "slice of life" style of anime which actually had a relatively interesting story arc.

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    Resident Evil: Retribution. There's going to be spoilers in this because come on, who the fuck cares about RE spoilers.


    It's superbly retarded. The film points out every single one of its massive, glaring plot holes, and then gloriously refuses to address them. It's just... it's beautiful. It is a master class in how to do everything wrong.

    It actually makes RE6 look competent in comparison.

    Ratings do not go low enough for this film.

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