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Thread: The Cinema / Rate the last movie you saw

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    Hector Garfria's Avatar
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    Oh of course! Freddy from Red Dragon

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    What's-his-nuts from The Big Lebowski.

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    Went to see the Hobbit, liked it better than anything I saw in the LOTOR trilogy. Its just less afraid to be funny and bombastic.

    Also came away from the previews feeling pretty good about this year.

    Warm Bodies actually looked cool. I think the zombie thing is largely played-out at this point, but I'll give this movie credit for at least doing something different with zombies. Only problem was the preview as a little spoilerish.

    Star Trek Into Darkness looks good. I know the purists are probably still wary of it, but I liked the risks the last movie took while pulling off being a good introduction to Star Trek. Imploding Vulcan - and original timeline TNG Romulus to rationalize it - took some guts. Curious how the bad guy really is here. The trailer alludes to Wrath of Khan, but I think its a curveball. I also just want Zoe Saldana in anything.

    Oblivion looks interesting. Not usually interested in Tom Cruise flicks, but putting Morgan Freeman in just about anything can sway me because his characters are so charming.

    Superman I'm still iffy about. He's not really good at "dark" and I think Zod's getting in a bit too early for a rebooted franchise. Can't it just be Supes vs. Luthor?

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    vJ!'s Avatar
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    Saw Ice Age 4: Continental Drift.
    Equally awesome, you just cannot go wrong with animation.

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    Stevil's Avatar
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    I watched Prince of Persia.

    I like Jake Gyllenhaal. I like drooling over Gemma Atherton.

    I fucking hated this movie. Then the whole thing never happens at the end. GAH!

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    vJ!'s Avatar
    479 posts since Jul 2012

    Well it was a fine way to pass away a couple of hours.
    Nice cinematics with the dagger at least!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stevil View Post
    I watched Prince of Persia.

    I like Jake Gyllenhaal. I like drooling over Gemma Atherton.

    I fucking hated this movie. Then the whole thing never happens at the end. GAH!
    Yeah, I was kinda puzzled why the whole movie amounted to the plot of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, which The Scorpion King also had borrowed previously. The Sands of Time game had a good story to use already, but they just decided to remake another movie and slap a video game's name on it.

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    I caught V/H/S on netflix tonight and was pleasantly surprised. I had initially been interested, but I heard negative to mixed opinions since then, so I was glad to see that I actually liked it. It started a bit smutty for my tastes, like wannabe sexploitation that couldn't commit, but it turned out solid.

    Also, one of the dudes in the wrap-around vids totally sounded like Digtastik. And main dude in the first main story looked a bit like Gobbldigook.

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    GlowBear's Avatar
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    Hat did you think about the plot outsides the individual tapes in V/H/S?

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    Loved Midnight in Paris! Absolutely loved it! Hemingway da bess. Also hilarious to see Rachel McAdams to play the antithesis to her character in Vicky Christina Barcelona.

    Also watched Makoto Shinkai's Children Who Chase Lost Voices From Deep Below. Not quite, or at least in the same way, stuck to his usual thematic, which was nice, and in some sense it felt a much more Ghibli-y turn, though it's plenty distinct. Pretty much every frame is gorgeous and there's some great animation. Good stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GlowBear View Post
    Hat did you think about the plot outsides the individual tapes in V/H/S?
    The dumb thugs that were getting picked off one by one because they were too stupid to just nab the tapes and watch 'em elsewhere?

    It was a decent enough plot device, but aside from one of 'em sounding like Dig I wasn't really invested in them.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mighty Hatman View Post
    Watched Dredd. It's bloody fantastic.
    I've heard that. I'll be checking it out next week.

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    Yeah, I need to see Dredd at some point. Looks good.

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    Some dude in the first few minutes. He even looked a bit like you, only in a beanie.

    Or maybe not. He definitely sounded like you though.

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    Stevil's Avatar
    9,557 posts since Jun 2010

    Does he say, "I just had sex and it fucking hurt. Oh god, my back!" or something?

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    I just watched The Hobbit this week and I loved it. There were really only two parts that I didn't really dig, but I was pretty happy with it as a whole.

    I'm also during a Harry Potter run since I finally got the last flick for Christmas. Dark Knight Rises this weekend.

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    Man, django was awesome! Started off as a spaghetti western and turned into something completely different.

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    arglactable's Avatar
    90 posts since Feb 2012
    I have seen the Hobbit twice so far (once in 2D, and once in 3D) and both times had a big, stupid grin on my face pretty much the whole movie. Absolutely loved it. I need to get my ass to a theater that supports HFR.

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    Watched Moonrise Kingdom earlier today. That movie took me by surprise. Part from A Life Aquatic, I haven't been much of a Wes Anderson fan. But this movie had charm like no other movie I've seen in the last couple of years. It just brought me back to being a kid, playing in the woods, and being in love. The camera handling and the overall esthetic of this picture was nothing short of amazing. Backing this up are great actors, a marvelous script, and a very suiting musical score. THE feelgood film of 2012. Will watch again!

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