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Thread: The Cinema / Rate the last movie you saw

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    The other trailer looks amazing though!

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    Went and saw the Hobbit. Pretty good!

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    Rewatched Dark Knight Rises on blueray-was reminded of how weird the scene is when Gordon is sentenced and Bane orders Miranda to be taken to him. Next she's back with Fox when Bruce is fake captured and then next we know she's back with Bane. It's weird bit of scene following or editing.

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    Hector Garfria's Avatar
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    EHEHEHEHEHE My sister and mom were watching goodfellas fucking enthralled with what was happening and my dad looked at me like, "this shit isn't gonna last, Imma get them watching meaningless bullshit again in no time."

    Next time I'm back there I'll bring Donnie Brasco or something

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    22,178 posts since Oct 2009
    My favorite part of Patrick Stewart's Scrooge is when he wakes up from the spirit world and says something to the effect of "I will let the joy in my heart!" Then he straight up fakes a heart attack for half a minute before laughing like a maniac. It's almost as awesome as "THERE! ARE! FOUR! LIGHTS!"

    Last edited by Sir Legendhead; 12-26-2012 at 12:45 AM. Reason: embedded video (tried to find the Scrooge one but didn't)

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    'Django Unchained' is pretty great. Tarantino's movies have always had a healthy dose of humour throughout, and it's the way it is used that I've loved, and his wordplay is in top form here again. I wasn't the biggest fan of 'Jackie Brown', and I really feel that the 'Kill Bill' movies are insanely overrated, but 'Inglourious Basterds' and now 'Django' have both hit that perfect mix for me. Drama, humour and action come together in his own distinct brand. If you're not a fan of that "brand" this movie won't do anything for you, but if you are then you're probably going to see this movie regardless of anything typed here.

    I will say that it's great to see Walton Goggins get a decent role in a big movie, and any time James Remar pops up in a flick (aside from 'Mortal Kombat: Annihilation') I'm happy. Also, it's good to see Samuel L. Jackson really act again, and not just be "Samuel L. Jackson" like he normally does. Waltz and DiCaprio were great, and Jamie Foxx owned the role. I'm not generally a Foxx fan, but yeah. He was great.

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    Hector Garfria's Avatar
    17,998 posts since Mar 2009

    I had about 30% of the people ragequit django 20 minutes in at the theater room I was in.

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    I was surprised nobody left the theater I was in. I was sure this little old lady wasn't going to make it, but everybody stayed.

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    bbrigg's Avatar
    8,962 posts since Jul 2007

    Django was excellent. Met and exceeded expectations. The music was great, as always.

    Christoph Waltz is pretty much one of the greatest actors ever.

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    Just those last two posts alone are enough to sell me on seeing this.

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    Hector Garfria's Avatar
    17,998 posts since Mar 2009

    One issue I had was how long some of Christoph's speeches were, it became too much build up for an obvious conclusion everytime.

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    The movie made me wonder for the first time how Germans were viewed before the 1900s. I mean, when people think "German" now they tend to think of two World Wars. I wonder what their rep as a people was before all that.

    Just the way some of the characters commented on Schultz got that cog moving in my head.

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    Hector Garfria's Avatar
    17,998 posts since Mar 2009


    -Internally 3 speeches in

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    It worked for me. Tarantino's dialog + Waltz's performance kept me from thinking it dragged.

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    Hector Garfria's Avatar
    17,998 posts since Mar 2009

    Well I hope you get that checked out

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    bbrigg's Avatar
    8,962 posts since Jul 2007

    If you were that surprised that some of the dialogue was too long, you must have forgotten it was a Tarantino movie.

    At least it wasn't as bad as the lunch dialogue in Death Proof.

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    Hector Garfria's Avatar
    17,998 posts since Mar 2009

    It's not the length that's the inherent problem here, The pay off to all those speeches was too little for such huge build ups. Everything else was superb, Christoph is now a top 3 actor in today's film game.

    Samuel L. Jackson as 1860's Uncle Ruckus was the fucking best. The "You Positive?" scene was the fucking best. So many good scenes.

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    BadStar's Avatar
    2,771 posts since Nov 2008

    Just got back from Django, so fucking worth it. I literally have nothing to complain about. I had a big goofy-ass smile on my face for the entire flick. Casting is a strong point in every Tarantino movie but it really shined in this one. Leo and Sam Jackson were the standouts, with Foxx and Waltz putting in strong performances as well.

    Surprisingly, there were only two rage-quitters in my theater.

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    Who the fuck rage-quits a film. Wait, if I went to see every film out I'd rage quit like half I guess.

    We don't get Django here until next month. I am rather Jelly.

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    GlowBear's Avatar
    14,735 posts since Oct 2011

    Quitting is common but with rage...mmm

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