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Thread: The Cinema / Rate the last movie you saw

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    I enjoyed Prometheus a lot but all the plotholes and nonsensical bits stop me from feeling as though it was a classic. Too much clutter, and too many dumb writing moments.

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    While I agree that there are some very dumb moves made by the scientists in Prometheus, I'm not able to fully trust all the criticisms thrown at it. There are dumber movies each year, and this has always just struck me as people harping on the same thing because they see everybody else doing so. Like it's the popular thing to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gatsby View Post
    Yeah. Prometheus is clearly a movie that's had multiple hands influence the script, which will always lead to discrepancies, that's just the industry.

    One thing that nobody seems to acknowledge is just how starved the industry is for original sci fi properties with at least a spec of ambition, which Prometheus had in droves. I feel like the people who rag on Prometheus for it's minor plotting issues are missing out on a lot of the great things the film does.

    However, I've always been one of those people who can forgive plotting if the actual movie itself is gorgeous. Plot is one element of the film, cinematography is the other, and to me, a more important one. So many people don't seem to appreciate it.
    Agreed on all points. I tend to appreciate cinematography more than plot because I find it more interesting. I also believe it takes much more vision and creativity than writing a script. Any hack who can follow a formula can write a competent story. If you are somebody who writes off Prometheus as being "stupid" because some plot points didn't hit their mark, you are grossly oversimplifying the film as a whole.

    I feel like slapping someone when they say they didn't like Blade Runner because they didn't like the dialogue or the acting. It's like they totally ignored every nuance of the process of making a film and gave a criticism that a seven year old would make.

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    I like Prometheus, but it's plotting issues are far from minor.

    It's an interesting movie, David is brilliantly done, its fun to read all the theoretical bullshit spawned from the film, but it feels way too much like a great concept that's given great visual care, but it also feels way too improvised and a little distracted. Scott basically plays hop-scotch with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BadStar View Post
    Most Ridley Scott films have spotty scripts and fantastic direction. Prometheus was no different. He had nothing to do with all the gaping plot holes or logical dead ends that were in the script.
    I think the documentary that came with Blade Runner: Final Cut summed up Scott's interest in scripts. He's a details man, but only in the visual sense. As for Damon Lindof, he's very much a scribe for hire and moves on when he's done. He basically came in to clean up Jon Spaihts' script and not much else.

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    I've yet to see it again, but I still quite liked it. I mean, the first and second acts of that movie is perfect. I didn't have any real issue with it. It's only in that last act where things kind of fall apart. Even still, I was able to overcome a lot of the issues it had in that last stretch based purely on Scott's directing of everything but the characters minus David. The cast is really the only resounding negative I can think of in the movie, because no one's performance is even slightly believeable besides Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender, and Idris Elba, to a certain extent.

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    Watched The Woman In Black.
    The story was intriguing and so was the flow of the movie.
    But the end, it was like i have wasted my hours :/

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    Watching Serenity again because I am so gay for Firefly, and never realised before that right after the title screen is one brilliant long take. Or something that seems like one.

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    Checked out Memento the other day and it was good enough. Lot of repeats that don't get too stale and Mr I got my start in Snowy River should be in more films.

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    My fave film, when I haven't watched Chungking Express recently.

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    Oh for....sigh.

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    The Guard was good fun.

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    Kevin Smith, closing the book on the Askewniverse. Again.

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    I'll probably like it.

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    I'll probably like it even if it's terrible.

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    Watched Howl's Moving Castle earlier. Still love that film. Yeah, the characters aren't really fleshed out, but the voice work, both English and Japanese, is top notch. However, like all Studio Ghibli films, the real strength is in the gorgeous, 100% hand-drawn-and-animated visuals. Hayao Miyazaki flicks are always beautiful, and Moving Castle is no exception.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BadStar View Post

    Kevin Smith, closing the book on the Askewniverse. Again.
    Well, considering that he burned so many bridges and his big indie "fuck you" turned out to be a complete turd, I'm not surprised. After that run of flops he had, he ended up making Clerks 2 in much the same fashion.

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    Not sure why a lot of Ghibli fans are a bit less into Howl's than others. One of my favorites.

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