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Thread: The Cinema / Rate the last movie you saw

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    Felt the same about Brave. Was beautiful on blu-ray but the story wasn't anything special.

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    Life of PI was amazing in 3D!


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    I watched Skyfall over the weekend and I totally thought the Bond family groundskeeper was going to hook up with M and live happily ever after.
    But I honestly don't think that would stop him.

    And Silva was just jealous that his little brother Bond got all of mommy's attention.

    And Bond's brief fight in the komodo pit definitely felt like an Indiana Jones fight, what with Bond's mannerisms there.

    Silva's island base was totally DiCaprio and Cotillard's ruined dream city from Inception.

    The ending felt like a "traditional" Bond movie from years ago,

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    So watched a few movies over this Holiday Week.

    On Thanksgiving my friends and I watched DBZ and the Tree of Might. It was hilariously bad and then there was Gohan penis which I was not expecting. We also watched Fantastic Mr Fox which I had never seen before, that was a cooky but pretty neat movie. We then capped off the evening with Resident Evil Armageddon, which I am pretty sure that may have been one of the last "horror/action" movies that incorporates someone wearing a ridiculous looking rubber suit. Seriously the guy who had to run around in that Nemesis suit god bless him.

    On Saturday I saw Cloud Atlas which I really really enjoyed, and not just because I'm a nerd and already read the book. I thought it was really well done and the actors who played different roles sometimes switching gender was pretty amazing at some point. Oh also if you ever wanted to see Hugo Weaving dressed up as an evil elderly british woman this is the movie for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by space man spiff View Post
    ...if you ever wanted to see Hugo Weaving dressed up as an evil elderly british woman this is the movie for you.
    I still remember the time I came across Priscilla, Queen of the Desert while tripping acid in a Nashville hotel.

    "Haha, that guy in the dress looks like Agent Smi - OH MY GOD"

    By the time General Zod showed up, I was a puddle of goo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by space man spiff View Post
    On Thanksgiving my friends and I watched DBZ and the Tree of Might.
    All the DBZ movie dubs are awful, but in relation to that particular film I'd still love a kick-ass Turles action figure!

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    I've never seen Queen of the Desert I feel like that is a movie that can only be enjoyed while on drugs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by space man spiff View Post
    I've never seen Queen of the Desert I feel like that is a movie that can only be enjoyed while on drugs.
    Evidently it was about my favorite supervillains accepting their feminine sides as they went on a road trip through the desert. Shit was crazy.

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    It was good, I enjoyed it a lot. Pretty typical 'loser goes mad with power' story but done really well.

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    Skyfall finally came out here and I quite liked it. Probably in my top 5 Bond films. I'm really liking the fact that the Craig movies are at least attempting to, and in many ways succeeding in, give Bond a backstory and some semblance of depth. I especially liked how they did the same for M, who for 22 movies had basically no depth whatsoever. I also quite liked how the movie sort of scales down in terms of scope as things went on.

    I also watch the first 3 episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood in US History class yesterday because my US History teacher is a big anime nerd. I quite liked it, but I quickly realized that A) I liked the way the original series began better, since it didn't just drop you into the show and waited until the 2nd episode to build the world and how it works, and B) that the English voice cast is superior to the Japanese one. I know, blasphemy. Overall though, I wouldn't watch more of it of my own volition, but I enjoyed what I saw of it.

    Also, Roger Moore is the worst Bond.

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    I watched TDKR on Sunday again, first time since in theaters.

    However Sunday was my first day off in two weeks, so it became "Whiskey Sunday" by default and I don't remember any part past "let's watch Batman" and the plane scene.

    I still love Bane's voice though, this much I recall.

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    Thinking of trying Paris Renaissance 2054.

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    expendables 2, it was enjoyable but brainless, humor was so forced but i'm a child of the 80s so seeing stallone, norris, arnold, bruce killing people at the same time brought a smile to my face

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    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind - I love Kate Winslet and pretty much every movie I watch with her makes it onto my favorites list. Her and Jim carrey pull this movie off so well and although sometimes it's a little slow, the good parts overshadow that. I rate it a 9/10 because there are some parts I had to rematch to get.

    Little Black Dress. A a cute girly korean film, I love Korean films and dramas and this one was much better than I expected. The thing about Korean films though, they get you laughing and smiling and loving everyhing, then out of the blue WHAM, you're crying your eyes out. This was no exception. This was acted out so beautifully and I will research it! 10/10 정말 대박! This isn't like your typical omg bffs end happily ever after, it ends on a real note. They're just ok, they're not perfect, no Prince Charming sweeping them off their feet and riding into the sunset. The ending is cute and focus' on the four girls it intially began with.

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    Ted was awesome!
    Just awesome!

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    Watching Labyrinth for the first time. All of my whats.

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    For the first time? Oh man, you've been missing out.

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    I'm not sure if it's just that it is more of an American thing to have seen it or if I have subconsciously ignored it forever.

    Also I only just found out that there are details for Thor 2 and I am excite.

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    I dunno. I'm reacting to you the same way people react to me when I tell them I've never seen The Dark Crystal.

    Of course as of earlier this year I have seen The Dark Crystal. Or at least fifteen minutes of it, then I switched to something else on netflix and never looked back.

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    I've never seen that either.

    Right now David Bowie is singing and it's kinda terrible.

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