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Thread: The Cinema / Rate the last movie you saw

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    umberhulk's Avatar
    1,447 posts since May 2007
    Rises was a massive disapointment, but still a pretty effortless watch. Will buy.

    Begins > TDK >>> Rises.

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    22,144 posts since Oct 2009
    Well, at least you managed to identify the order they were released in. Big day for you!

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    Hector Garfria's Avatar
    17,900 posts since Mar 2009

    MotP > Michael Keaton Batman > TDK > Power Ranger the Movie > TDKR

    In terms of factual goodness and up-yours-legendhead-ness

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    umberhulk's Avatar
    1,447 posts since May 2007
    The cemetery scene in MotP, where the two main characters meet for the first time, is one of the best written scenes in anything. But I'm not really in love with the movie, and the scene where Bruce is spazzing over that necklace is pretty awful.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Nobody but me understands how awesome Batman Begins is.

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    22,144 posts since Oct 2009
    Batman Returns isn't on Bloo's list, because it went so far over Bloo's head that he isn't even aware of its existence. He's just like "DURR CATWOMAN IS DUMB LOL"

    I barely even remember Mask of the Phantasm, myself. Saw it once when it first came out. It was kinda cool that they drew inspiration from the Reaper though. He's criminally underrated as a villain.

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    umberhulk's Avatar
    1,447 posts since May 2007
    Hate Batman Returns.

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    22,144 posts since Oct 2009
    You would.

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    umberhulk's Avatar
    1,447 posts since May 2007
    Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Batman Returns.

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    22,144 posts since Oct 2009
    Batman Returns is such a great demonstration of the yin/yang principle though. It's far more than a mere romantic adventure. I see it as an allegory of how the masculine force instinctively seeks a natural balance, despite how dark or chaotic its feminine opposite may be. When Bruce picks up the black cat in the end of the film? That's him accepting his inner bitch. And I don't mean "bitch" in the usual bro sense of "that dude looks like a bitch". I mean its literal definition of female wolf in heat. Or cat rather, in this case.

    Also, I haven't seen Return of the Joker. I bet lots of cool things happen in it.

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    ClownBaby's Avatar
    15,666 posts since Feb 2007

    Quote Originally Posted by Gatsby View Post
    Nobody should dispute that TDKR is an ambitious film that tries to do a lot of things. I liked most of those things, but it's not a bad thing to say that some parts weren't that great. It's not complaining for the sake of complaining. Nolan takes a lot of risks, most pay off, some don't. That doesn't make it a shit movie though, it just means it isn't perfect, like TDK mostly was.
    Part of the reason the few flaws in TDKR stand out as much as they do is because of how absolutely amazing and perfect TDK was in nearly every way. Making a sequel was a risk because it had so much to live up to.

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    lizzardpt's Avatar
    1,886 posts since Feb 2012

    So triology wise TDK is the weakest and TDKR is the best
    Solo movie wise TDK is the best

    Batman: Begins starts a cycle that is closed on TDKR, TDKR is a really good finish to what started the triology.
    As a single movie TDK is the best overall, it really is on another level, there's just no comparison between the other two.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Legendhead View Post
    Damn son you good. Went back to check and yeah, but I think he does that accidentally the first time.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Legendhead View Post
    ...not that the last part is directed to you, of course. It's just that, fuck, nobody but me really understands how awesome that movie really is. I kind of feel sorry for those whose lives haven't been touched by the Bat-Lord. He saves, you guys.
    Hey I love the film, there's just a few things that don't entirely work but I can forgive them.

    Quote Originally Posted by ClownBaby View Post
    Part of the reason the few flaws in TDKR stand out as much as they do is because of how absolutely amazing and perfect TDK was in nearly every way. Making a sequel was a risk because it had so much to live up to.
    And this. The two before it in the Trilogy didn't have so much to complain about. It closes the Trilogy amazingly though.

    One thing I dislike is how there was no mention of the Joker to pay respect to Heath Ledger. I think that's bullshit, they left it out because it was convenient. I like to think that if he hadn't died they'd have had a scene where Bane just pulls his head off or something.

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    I just read that fucking novel by Hulk about plot holes. Really great stuff he said. Basically everything I've said about "plot holes" he typed out in 12k word.

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    Last night I watched Witness for the Prosecution. A court room mystery that was originally a stage show created by Agatha Christie. It was pretty amazing. It felt really nice actually watching a classic movie and being really satisfied about it.

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    The other day I watched an old mini series starring Sidney Poitier called Separate but Equal. Apart from Poitier and Burt Lancaster's performance, it was pretty eh. The acting of the rest of the cast was the epitome of basic. However, there is this really great bit where a white guy who works for the NAACP tells a joke about why he wanted to work for the NAACP. It's almost good enough to justify watching the whole thing.

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    Finally saw Dark Knight Rises... why the fuck did they make Bane sound like Yoda crossed with Sean Connery? Totally detracted from the film. And yes, I disliked the rest, that was just the icing on the hate filled cake.

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    Because the original voice was too incomprehensible? I don't know. I like the voice because it is so silly.

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    Me too, the original really was almost impossible to understand at times.

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    If anything throws me about the character it is wondering what dark magic they used to make Tom Hardy look so stocky.

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