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Thread: The Cinema / Rate the last movie you saw

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    The Cinema / Rate the last movie you saw

    Mxy's Note: This thread has evolved into a combination general movie discussion & film rating thread, just so you know.

    Firewall 7/10

    A mid-paced thriller/suspense flick in which Harrison Ford kicks some serious bad guy ass. However, the plot is at some points unbelievable and the main idea (a family being kidnapped and Superdad going to save the day) is way overused.

    Freedomland 5.5/10

    Julianne Moore loses yet another child, this time to a carjacker, and asthmatic supercop Samuel L. goes apeshit on local cops who are getting in his way. Unsuspenseful (I guessed the "kidnapper" within the first half hour) and with too little action for a Samuel L. Jackson movie, its not worth going to see.

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    Boggy Creek II And The Legend Continues (MST3K version) 1/10

    I can sometimes see a little good in even the worst movies. Perhaps there was a memorable performance, if only from a supporting character. Perhaps the cinematography was particularly inspired, or the soundtrack was wonderful. Maybe it was well written, but lacked competant direction. Anything.

    This movie manages to avoid all these pitfalls and just stinks. Everything about the film is shockingly bad, from the casting (nepotism in glorious action, as the feckless director/producer/writer/editor/grip/make up lady puts his equally charismatically-challenged son in a supporting role) to the lighting (it's good to be able to see what's going on in a film. that's why it's a visual medium, and not on radio) and the ridiculous and nonsensical story.

    Just fucking bad. Not even Mike & the Bots could save this.

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    Firewall 6/10

    Firewall was good, just not original, it reminded me way too much of last year's Hostage, which i loved, and though was a great movie.
    It's a good movie to rent, not buy, that would be my opinion.

    The Constant Gardener 0/10

    This movie was horrible! All the previews i saw, made me think it was some huge global conspericy on par with National Treasure, turns out it was some boring psa movie. "make the world know about aids, and afracia, and how the drug compaines are destroying the world"
    i was brought into this movie under false pretenses, and i was very mad about it.

    dont rent it, dont buy it, destroy all traces of its exsistance, thats what i suggest.

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    X3: The Last Stand (Spoilers ahead)

    First, the cons:

    Less Ian McKellin screen time: Magneto should be way more ruthless than he was. Also, for being able to control metal and fly, you'd think he'd notice a giant blue ape try and sneak behind him. Kudos to his idea for a bridge to Alcatraz. He should've made the car with the family who kept staring at him compact though. For wanting to off the human he sure didn't do a lot of headhunting.

    More irrelevant sub-plot screen time = Iceman (Sean Ashmore) gets a little too close to Kitty Pryde (Ellen Page) for his girlfriend's, Rogue (Anna Paquin), comfort. The result is a retarded side-story the movie could've completely done without. Also, Angel. Uh...okay. One semi-disturbing scene and all of a sudden we care? "NO DADDY, DON'T COME IN! DON'T LOOK AT ME! AHHH!!" Know what? You can fly. You don't need to answer to anybody. If they piss you off, you fwap them with your wings. Or, grab someone, fly really high in the air, and drop them. Of course, catch them right after they shat their pants so they can go on living life knowing they shat their pants.

    The return of the horrible puns: God awful puns come back with a vengeance in this movie as they seemed to have been getting fewer and fewer with each super-hero movie. The result is painfully cheesey dialogue at awkward times (notice Wolverine's compliments to Beast's fighting style).

    By the way, Jean is a total badass who can only be stopped by the man with mighty chops: Why is she suddenly a being of infinite power now? Was it absolutely necesary for her to die? Why did Xavier not seek out her body to destroy it if he knew of the possibility of her completely owning his ass later on. I understand that she's Pheonix in the comics and animated TV series, but they at least built up to it. This movie starts out with her going from "Taht Chik Whose Ded" to the Greatest Zombie Who Ever "Lived" in all of about 2 minutes.

    Now, the pros:

    Less Cyclops screen time. More Cyclops death (though no actual viewing...**sigh** beggars can't be choosers, I suppose). An actual record time of 5 minutes screen time for the guy everybody voted in Mutant Academy as "Most Likely To Die From Horrible Plot Twist." More Wolverine ownage by Magneto. More Xavier death. Sorry, but for being one of those semi-sentient all-knowing beings, you'd think he'd at least forsee his chances against Pheonix as "outlook not good."

    More Rebeca-Romijin (no idea if that's how it's spelled) semi-nudity. More awesome one-liners:

    "I'm The Juggernaut, bitch!"

    More Juggernaut. Less Nightcrawler pity parties. Infact, less Nightcrawler. However, seeing as how each X-Men movie must meet their quota of at least One Blue Man Per Movie, more Beast. Since there is a sequel I'm going to go ahead and guess that the Blue Man Group joins Beast in an effort to nuetralize mutant-human hostility through diplomatic TubeJamz.

    Less Pyro/Iceman screen time. Both are really annoying.

    Creepy, bald kid who has the ability to render anyone normal. This has got to be one of the most under-estimated powers ever. With my daily run-ins of cracked out people, I could definitely use this guy.

    More Pheonix death. I was glad to see her die at the hands of a guy she earlier tried to rape...who just so happened to have been hated by the boyfriend she decided to off previous to the attempted rape. "Hm...I'm an all-powerful being. What should I do now? I think I'll erase my boyfriend from this plane of existence, rape an old friend of mine, and try to destroy everything. Maybe I should save something for tomorrow..."

    Magneto playing chess..........WITH HIS HANDS.

    8/10 This movie is definitely a theater experience and would almost assuredly suck on DVD.

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    X3 for me too.

    I did not notice any of the gaping plot holes or filming errors others have. I just enjoyed it. It was a fun movie, and most modern movies today are incredibly boring. 10/10

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    Crash 8/10

    This movie is very racial. It is basically about a bunch of different races crashing together and showing how each one of them is racist towards another group. In the end though when it all comes down to it people are willing to put there lives out on the line to save eachother. It was a great movie and very sad at times. I think it is a great watch and definantly would recommend it.

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    Anyone stick around X-Men 3 after the credits?

    Last movie I saw in theaters was Over The Hedge. Won't rate it, but it was cute, had your typical kid friendly story and that planned betrayal making you feel guilty 'cause everyone is so awesome to you... And it was funny. Not just in that slapstick and fart joke way(although there was plenty of that).

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    Quote Originally Posted by thetallness
    Anyone stick around X-Men 3 after the credits?

    Last movie I saw in theaters was Over The Hedge. Won't rate it, but it was cute, had your typical kid friendly story and that planned betrayal making you feel guilty 'cause everyone is so awesome to you... And it was funny. Not just in that slapstick and fart joke way(although there was plenty of that).
    Yeah, I did stick around for the end after the credits were through. Not gonna ruin it for everyone who didn't, but it DEFINITELY set it up for yet another X-men.

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    X3 was an exceptionally good movie, it did have its ups and downs, but overall I'd give it an 8/10

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    x3 was an awesome movie, and i didnt stick around past the end credits, but i heard what happened, and i hope they do make another movie.
    i was very sad with what happened to magneto, and mystique, and the professor.
    They never showed what happened to pryo, but, i dont care, i never really liked all. Nightcrawler was cool, even if he was emotional. Storm had more power in this one then the previous two, and that was cool.
    overall, i thought x3 was about 9/10, not perfect, but damn good nonetheless.

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    yeah the third was not bad at all.

    best scene:

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    Nacho Libre: 7/10

    The whole Nap Dyn slow-paced, dry-humor kind of loses it's effect the second time around, and I suspect that the movie is geared for a younger audience anyway, but it still had some funny parts to it. You have to have a different kind of sense of humor for this movie, and if you aren't sure if you do, then you probably don't have it. Not too bad, but not outstanding. The theatre I went to had a preview for the Borat movie, so that was a plus.

    A History of Violence: 10/10

    LOVED IT. Starts off slow at first, but that's mainly time devoted for character development, and is essential in the lead character's conflict later on. Highly recommended.

    Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang: 4/10

    Ugh, one of those movies that tries to be much more than it is. I wanted to like it, but it played off as trying to be "Be Cool" hip (i.e. contrived), and the plot was so convoluted that halfway through I really didn't know/care as to what was going on anymore, I just wanted something funny to happen. Alas, those funny parts were few and far between. But the humorous parts are pretty good.

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    The Village 8.5/10

    I saw this when it was originally in theaters, so this was the second time for me. Still, I think it's a good movie. A lot of people didn't like it, and I don't really know why. I guess I've become an M. Night Shalamalamadingdong (or however you spell it) fan of sorts. So, if you're looking for a well directed, well shot movie with a very entertaining story (aren't we all?), this is one to check out, if you haven't. If you're one of those many people who didn't dig Signs, though, I'd probably steer clear (btw I thought Signs was very good).

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    Before I start, everyone's entitled to their own opinions, none more important than the other.

    But, The Village?

    You've got to be kidding me.

    For a movie that rides its entire premise on being a thriller/scary movie, there was little to be scared of save the horrible story. It might've sounded cool or even looked cool on paper, but this movie was awful.

    The only thing I could think of after the movie was;

    I want my $8.50 now.

    (Spoilers, ahoy!)

    A blind girl who may or may not have experienced the skeletal remains of Little Red Riding Hood discovers she lives in a fucking Quaker field. High points of this movie include:

    A retard wearing aforementioned Litle Red Riding Skeletor costume running after the blind girl of his dreams, but missing horribly due to his inept ability to tackle a BLIND person. He falls in a hole and dies. Asshat.

    Low points of this movie:

    Everything else.

    The worst part is my girlfriend picked the movie and I never let her pick the movies because I always pay. Being nice = you lose.

    His next flick, Lady in the Water, doesn't look any better. Premise for the movie?

    "A girl with rare blue eyes travels to a family's house through a sewer pipe leading to their backyard pool and announces the inevitable arrival of 'they.' Using her amazing ability to swim, the family seems to have faith in the naked woman's claims, thus deciding to leave the hole in their pool the fuck alone so that the 'others' will have an unobstructed passage to their backyard. Later, we find out she's actually a Sewerkid who ties up the family, takes all of their shit, and laughs at the camera because you got suckered into another shitflick by M.S."

    If the hole at the bottom of their pool does indeed lead to Hell, which it most likely doesn't because M.S. doesn't like using special effects (they cost money), you'd think that they'd notice a bigass hole in their pool that looks all doom-y and Hell-ish.

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    I agree. The Village was absolutely horrific. The twist, if you can call it that, was terrible and ruined the movie. Not only that, but a blind protagonist? If you can't kill a blind person you might as well just stop living right now because you are obviously a waste of life.

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    Yeah, I didn't care for the Village one bit. I can't stand Shamalan. A few more:

    Brokeback Mountain (3/10): BORING. If you're mature enough to not giggle or squirm at the gay sex scenes, the movie instead of becoming a "threatening" film is instead a complete bore. You know what's going to happen before it even happens. That, and Heath Ledger is impossible to understand throughout the entire movie; his southern "accent" is horrendous. You do get to see Anne Hathaway's chest for all of 2 seconds, but that's about the only redeeming quality. It's the classic "forbidden" love story, and if you're into that sort of thing, give it a go I suppose. Otherwise, spend 3 hours doing something else.

    Wolf Creek (8/10): Pretty good horror movie, reminds me of Hostel in a way. Heads up to my fellow Americans though, this takes place in Australia (if this is something that really bothers you, well...that's really unfortunate). This is the kind that chews you up and spits you out. The setup/plotline really is nothing new, but as long as they pull it off well it works for me. Lots of people bitched because it started slow, but that's character development in the works; without it, then when they get killed off in a movie, you don't really care. I watched this immediately after Brokeback, and was FAR more entertained.

    I'm looking to get the Unrated version of the Hills Have Eyes this week and give that a go, see how much better it is than the theatrical version (assuming there's more than 2 minutes of deleted scenes). I thought that was a pretty good horror flick, pretty creepy and disturbing, especially the scene in the trailer with the younger daughter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by backflip10019
    If you can't kill a blind person you might as well just stop living right now because you are obviously a waste of life.
    Pretty logical

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    Lost in Translation 9/10
    I wasn't a huge fan of this movie at first: this had been my second time watching it, as I couldn't stand the first 20 minutes. However, after watching it again, I realized what a beaufitul and well-crafted film it really is. I used to think the movie was boring and pointless. I realized that it's all in the subtleties of life, love, and relationships. This is a movie about being unsure with one's life thus far, and it captures the essence of life perfectly.

    Batman Begins 8/10
    Just caught this since it's been on HBO all the time recently. Great movie. Just watch it, I really don't know what else to say. It's a well done Batman movie.

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    I love Lost In Translation. One of my favorite movies of all time.

    Batman Begin's was sufficiently awesome as well. Not your run of the mill superhero movie.

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    Nacho Libre

    Man, I don't know what people are talking about when they say this movie's boring/ill-humored. I pretty much laughed throughout the entire film. I never do that.

    I guess you have to know a typical Mexican's behavior/Mexican culture, because this movie nailed it. They're all cliche's, but being around/coming from a family of Hispanics really exposes you to how predictable/typical the culture really is. Jack Black did an excellent job in this movie. If you're looking for great acting, look elsewhere. Nowhere in this movie can that be found. However, that's not what this film is about.

    Comedy's shouldn't have actors who're trying to be funny. They should be funny. Will Farrel...I know people love him, but I just don't find him humorous. He was great for sketch comedy because you only had so much of him before he got redundant. His comedy is forced. "I'M REALLY LOUD AND ANNOYING. THAT'S FUNNY." It gets old. Jack Black is just a funny guy. He seems to understand what it takes to make people laugh, as evident by the number of laughs recieved just by his mannerisms alone. He doesn't have any gag he constantly goes back to, nor does he rely on a lot on potty humor or played out comedy cliche's (Example: Everything Date Movie was, though Date Movie somehow made it worse.) .Maybe it's just because I'm Hispanic and can relate, or that I've always liked Jack Black (he reminds me a lot of a couple friends of mine), but I thought this movie was great.

    I haven't enjoyed a comedy this much in a long time.


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