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Thread: Wolfenstein Enemy Territory Server!

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    Wolfenstein Enemy Territory Server!


    Man its been awhile since I posted on these forums, anyways, today I purchased a 14 man public Wolfenstein Enemy Territory server for some friends and myself, but since I made it public I welcoming all dtoiders who want to get back into this 'classic' gem. In this blog I posted some information on the game and how it works. I will save the space in here :P

    So here you have it, I welcome you all with open arms to download this free game so you can join the chaos online with others! The server us up 24/7 and will be up for as long as I can afford it ;D, which will be for a long while since im paying in 6 month blocks.

    Server Info:
    IP :

    We are going to have a bash tomorrow night starting at 5/6pm EST, and its going to go on all night, and the server is open at all hours of the day if any of you want to get together and play. If you wish to get a hold of my my steam id is dyslixec (name will show up as bw-//WastelandTraveler in friends list) or you can get me on dtoid's IRC chat ( I will either be under the name WastelandTraveler or dyslixec).

    So go forth and kick ass my fellow robots! Come and join the fun of this classic ;D Get in touch with your somewhat nostalgic side!

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    I used to play Wolfenstein: ET when the game first came out, before it was something separate. Good times with it. I had no idea people still played it.

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    I used to play this non-stop. I was that obsessed I wrote a small book about it. This seems like a pretty good time to start playing again.

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    Well download away sirs! Only a couple of more hours before we get this party started ;D. I have no password on the server so it is open to join at any time!

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