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Thread: The Dtoid Comic Book Thread

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    Even if there aren't many listeners it's something fun to do sometime. If only just to chat with bros.

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    Yeah, that was 100% not appropriate for the Forums. Thanks for deleting it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Gobbldigook View Post
    yeah, books so good. the image I deleted was of the
    that panel was fucked up but awesome. I love every single character in that damn book.

    That was totally awesome and gross, loved it

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    I had just finished eating lunch literally right before turning to the page with the nice full spread of the giant gross balls, great timing.

    I would be down for podcasting, I don't know how much I could contribute considering how far behind I am with most things but I do like talking about comics.

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    DOODS! BOOKS. good ones. the last weeks.... discuss.

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    I intended to read them this weekend, haven't had the opurtunity yet.

    Also the store manager of Zanadu is funny

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    Yeah he's good.

    What'd you get this week.

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    So good news I was able to get a itunes gift card from my folks so I was able to use that to get some more digital comics.

    Got to read the first issue of AVX and it already is starting to look pretty ridiculous, so who knows what is going to happen there. Got to continue reading some Thunderbolts and Scarlet Spider-Man which remain two of my favorite current Marvel comics. Oh! Along with X-Force and Secret Avengers.

    My folks also asked me what I might want for Christmas so I think I will be getting the first Trade of Joe the Barbarian which I'm excited about.

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    My graphic novel pick of the week is Diosamante. written by Jodorowsky who also wrote The Metabarons.
    between this, nowhere men, chew, and a bunch of others this'll be a good week for comics. will post the recommendations video as soon as it's uploaded for those interested.

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    reading through knightfall, i mean i know it's a comic but it seems cartoony as hell

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    Yeah I was never a huge fan. Who did the art on that one.

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    wow. didn't realize so many.

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    So finally read last week comics, going to read this week comics hopefully tomorrow

    From last week:
    OMG Spider Man was... I was not expecting that, Dan Slott was right for not wanting people to spoil the issue
    Captain America was actually cool, I was not expecting anything good out of it, but I was really surprised
    Clone and Comeback were actually really cool and I enjoyed them a lot, will read the following issues for sure (thanks to the Zanadu Comics suggestion)
    Loving what Mark Waid is doing with Daredevil, really awesome stuff, getting better and better every issue
    Deadpool was kinda meh, don't see myself reading this one much longer
    Hwakeye was a good and fun read, enjoying this (mini) series(?) a lot
    Indestructible Hulk was ok, but I liked what Jason Aaron did with the previous arc and was hoping to see things more along those lines
    Iron Man is being awfull
    Uncanny X-force... omg, just splendid
    Wolverine and the X-Men was kinda weak this month wich is sad
    X-Factor Brilliant as ever, I love Peter David so much.

    This week I'll be reading All New X-Men 2, New Avengers (it's not really good anymore), Thor, Uncanny Avengers, FF, Gambit and Astoining X-Men and some others

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    LK add me on facebook or skype, or both. I want to talk comics with you more often.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I have a pile I need to read. I'm gonna get on that tonight. I did read the first issue of thor... FUCKING AWESOME... well, where it's going will be amazing.

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    you still reading gambit? I was but gave up after the third or fourth issue...

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    Just read Gambit issue 6, this was the best so far, because of Pete Wisdom and MI13! Loved the issue, it's really good.

    God I really miss reading Captain Britain and the MI13, I fucking love Peter David

    And yeah Thor is awesome, really hoping to see what they do with that

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    Here's this weeks video. enjoy bitches.

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    Good lord, as Avengers 1 good? And Spidey 699? And All New X-Men 3? I'm loving so much marvel right now, I'll try to read Action Comics this week to see if it's any good, I have been wanting to see if I can catch any worthwhile New 52 title, but so far only Batman is doing good stuff

    Black Acre and I love Trouble look interesting, I'll be checking those later, oooh Butcher Baker, written by Joe Casey, I have to get that

    Oh yeah, Sam the videos have gotten better, the nice editing touches made the videos more compeling and complete, keep it up

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