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Thread: The Dtoid Comic Book Thread

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    I can't wait till march. I am going to have a hardcore nerdgasm and probably won't be able to form words when I meet Fiona Staples.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Gobbldigook View Post
    I'm reading Invincible Iron man right now. The Stark Disassembled arc. It's the first Iron man I've read. I really am liking it. One Issue to go.
    That whole run is worth reading, I suggest reading Extremis and the entire Warren Ellis run and then the Matt Fraction run, they are both awesome. But the Fraction run (Invincible Iron Man) is more suited to new readers and lovers of the first Iron Man movie

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    this is what I have to read right now. I hope spaceman spiff comes in and sees there's a new happy issue. Also METABARONS!!!!

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    Stop tormenting me with the Stumptown comics!

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    I still wish they'd do a crossover where Matt Murdock becomes Batman. He's a blind person with sonar sense.

    I also think Nathan Fillion should star as Captain Obvious in his own film. He could just like, go around the city telling people things which are readily apparent yet sadly unnoticed. It's unlikely that anyone could stretch the concept to ninety minutes but if they did, it would automatically be a masterpiece.

    And of course the comic would be too. Of course. How could it not be.
    Last edited by Sir Legendhead; 11-03-2012 at 12:12 AM. Reason: His villain would be Major Bullshit! As played by the Rock!

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    Shane are you forums drunk?

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    I was when I typed that out, but then I took a nap and now I'm mostly sober again. I think.


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    LAAAAAAME. miss you bro. come to PAX next year. I want to get you forums drunk in real life.

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    just set aside my copy of the archie with a fiona staples variant for tomorrow.

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    This weeks comic recommendations! Spaceman, Deadpool, Iron Man and more!

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    read through batman year one last week, thought it was pretty good, had i read it when it came out originally i'd assume it would have had more impact, but nolan covered a lot of it with batman begins

    reading hush now

    edit: some reason i said last year, meant last week

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    Yeah, I feel the same way. I watched the Year One animated movie recently and because so much of that comic was used for Begins, it was hard to get worked up about the big set-piece where Batman escapes the cops.

    Still, Bryan Cranston should voice Gordon in everything (or maybe replace Gary Oldman when the inevitable reboot comes around). Guy absolutely nailed it.

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    I just loved how much year one focus' on gordon, I kinda wish begins did that more.

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    Ugh A v X Consequences - Why is that twat not given a sabbatical from comic pages for a while.

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    What's going on with scott in that? I didn't read AvX (no real interest) How do you feel about the shit that went down? was he justified?

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    It's actually a tricky line, but overall no I don't think he was justified. Too much carnage too much unyielding adamancy in being right and just.
    Jean should have returned, blasted him to smithereens and fucked off again. Now Magneto is having a change of heart...

    I always found House of M to be quite enjoyable, one of my favourite modern sagas and yet it was never properly concluded/resolved or wrapped up. They did it poorly and dragged it too long. All I enjoyed were the Cable and Hope adventures. Fuck the rest of the Summers.

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    new deadpool was good, Iron man... ok. writing was good but greg lands art is fucking awful.


    SAGAs back this week bitches!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Gobbldigook View Post
    SAGAs back this week bitches!!!!!
    Best news of the week

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    i've read through over half of hush now, it's like the michael bay movie of batman comics, supervillains, superheroes, batman fighting superman

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