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Thread: Wolfenstein employees given the boot

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    Wolfenstein employees given the boot

    I just read this on DTOID:

    I have to say, I was considering getting this game. After reading this however, I definitely won't be getting it. I'm sure this probably won't sway many others peoples decisions as to whether they buy it or not, but I just wondered if anyone else felt the same?

    Totally disgusting!

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    I was considering getting Wolfenstein, but I'm gonna wait for some reviews. But yeah, this is pretty shitty behaviour.

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    I have to say something, after reading all this "OMG THIS IS SHOCKING" posts/comments.

    Yes it's not nice but what do you expect?! When the work dries up in any industry the workers get moved on, happens all the time. I'm sure if the developers had another big game signed up they'd retain the workers, but there's no point in retaining them if there's sod all for them to do is there? You'd end up possibly looking at closing the entire firm.

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    I'm sure that sucks for the ones who lost their jobs but I don't really think it's a big deal at all. Shit happens.

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    I think in the games industry you come to expect that you can have a job one day and nothing the next, it just comes with the territory. It's not like a retail job where as long as they company stays in business and you don't screw up too bad you'll keep collecting a check. Game projects come and go so quickly that I'd bet most designers are used to being hired and fired with little warning as a project is picked up or dropped.

    The timing still sucks, but its no different than when Sony bought Vanguard from Sigil then fired most of the staff in the parking lot when they tried to come to work so they could take over the project.

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    Yeah, this isn't all that surprising really.

    When you work on a game and it gets finished one of two things happens.

    1. You get moved onto the next/another project.

    2. You get let go.

    Sometimes, there is no other project.

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