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Thread: A Message From TheRealDaveG

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    A Message From TheRealDaveG

    Hello all! I am happy to have stumbled upon this thing called Destructoid!!

    Been a gamer for years. Own the three current gen consoles. I play guitar, disc golf and drink beer!! I also have a job (blah) as a Maintenance Tech at an apartment complex....

    Been reading the site for a few months but it never occurred to me to sign up until now...

    Hope its not too painful becoming a part of the community.. Look forward to many discussions down the road...

    Until then!!

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    Welcome! Do you tend to have problems with impersonators? Either way, it's good to know that we have the Real Dave G here with us rather than one of those damn fakers.

    Tell me something about videogames.

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    something about video games... how about what I am playing regularly

    Right now I am playing Call of Duty W@W, Killzone 2 and red alert 3 fairly regularly. I play Halo 3 but I am not good at all. Quite terrible actually.

    I like to play red faction and socom a bit. I am also on the 1oth level of Dead Space and am looking forward to finally finishing that game.

    I have this problem of buying newer games before I am done with my older ones and then I never finish the older ones

    I am trying to fix that problem though as I have too many unfinished games on my shelves.

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    Someone needs to tell that phony DaveG to get the fuck out.

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