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Thread: FANBOY RAGE!!! Turtles in Time do it!

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    FANBOY RAGE!!! Turtles in Time do it!

    I just watched the GT Review of Turtles and Time remix and I must admit am a bit upset with the review. I admit I haven't yet had a chance to check it out (payday not until tomorrow ) but I feel as if a lot of the points made were a bit too nit-picky.

    Yes this is ultimately coming down to me being a bitch, and I know this, but it sure is heart-breaking to see someone tear down your childhood nostalgia like that.

    I feel as I did when I watched Goosebumps for the first time in who knows how many years only to realize, Goosebumps = Fail compared to Are You Afraid of the Dark. (Minus the books of course!) Also I guess really not like that at all considering Turtles in Time still finds it's way to my SNES.

    Also I suppose another comment I wasn't too happy with is the "dying formula" referring to the beat em' up genre.

    I mean truth be told I can think of 3 awesome games that still adhere pretty strongly to the old school beat em' up formula but instead of side scrolling utilize 3D.

    God of War, essentially a beat em' up at heart, with added action sequences and occasional puzzle game play.

    Kingdom Hearts, no doubt it feels like a beat em' up, I mean essentially that is what an action RPG is, just a more in depth beat em' up.

    Gungrave Overdose, obviously a 3D shmup but shmups are still beat em' ups at heart!

    Then the most obvious that still does adhere to the classic formula, of course Castle Crashers, and truthfully I feel that even with the classic formula it still manages to feel fresh as ever while still letting us relive the childhood glory days of pure awesome!

    But I suppose my point is not so much to bitch about the review, but to get the opinions of the D-toid community on two points.

    1. How do you feel about the updated Turtles in Time, does it live up to your expectations?

    2. Do you feel as if the reviewer really did make a valid point that the old school formula is about due for a face lift?

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    This isn't the same game you played as a child. The hit-detection is wonky, you can beat the game in twenty minutes, and it costs $10. I don't know, I LOVE the original, but this pricing, even though it was lowered, is too much for me.

    Plus, the graphics aren't as good, the bonus levels that were in the SNES version aren't included, and I have the original sitting five feet away from me.

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    Yeah, I can tell just by looking at it that those controls are shit. They remove the focus on horizontal orientation and let you move free roam. That loosens up the controls and makes it very difficult to aim and move accurately. In any beat 'em up you're used to moving up and down slower, and side to side faster. This is because the focus is on moving to the side of the screen. The turtles move too quickly in general as well, and you can clearly tell that it leads to poor accuracy in the video as the players try to avoid hazards uselessly.

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    Maybe I am wonky, but i cannot figured the comparison of Turtles in time (TIT<---tit!!) to something like Kingdom Hearts and or God of War

    Now Something like The Simpsons game, or the old school avengers game those were the same exact thing, just different face-lift

    Ign basically said the same thing

    it sucks, get over it

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    Yeah, it's just really not that great a game. The original is WAY better. It really wasn't worth $10. The graphics are nice, but that's about it.

    Also, the other games you mentioned have a lot of different shit you can do in them. Turtles In Time is basically just press the analog stick to the right and wail on the X button.

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    Yeah I suppose my biggest let down is I hoped it would be awesome, for the shear fact that 4 player Turtles In Time at home sounded wonderful.

    As for my comparisons I understand they are a bit off from your traditional beat em' ups. But what I am getting at is yes there is more you can do in these games, and that is true, but the essential style of combat is very reminiscent of beat em' ups. I mean essentially the combat systems of these games reminds me of button mashing beat em' ups.

    While of course Kingdom Hearts is an Action RPG the fact that the majority of the combat had me mashing one button over and over, since I wasn't huge on the magic system.

    God of War also brought me back in the sense that the combat is very simplistic, mash a button to execute a combo. (I don't mean that as a bad thing)

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    Quote Originally Posted by JuiceMcNasty View Post
    1. How do you feel about the updated Turtles in Time, does it live up to your expectations?

    2. Do you feel as if the reviewer really did make a valid point that the old school formula is about due for a face lift?
    I wasn't impressed with the demo of the game. It didn't have any of the charm and character that the SNES version I played still has, and the combat honestly feels watered down. Reshelled just felt like button mashing with different attacks happening randomly, whereas the old version felt a lot more solid with the attack options.

    I did think the comment was a bit out of place since it was a remake, although it would've been cool if they had some simple extras like BC: Rearmed did.

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    I paid for the game because my girlfriend loved the arcade original, and any excuse to get her to play more games with me is good enough to warrant a purchase.

    We've played through it twice, and I can say for a fact that because of that reason alone, the purchase was worth it. Which is good, because aside from playing it a few times through with her, it really isn't.

    The game really sucks. I get frustrated at the moments when an opponent hits me, then as I'm recovering he (or another enemy) hits me again. There's no way to react, there's no way to stop it (other than not getting hit in the first place). That and the controls are muddied, to the point that it's difficult to say which direction I'm swinging, and it's quite probably a different direction than the target foot clan member.

    I'm not horrible at the game, to be honest it's not that bad, even on the more brutal difficulty settings. It's just not that good of a remake, at all.

    Which makes me sad.

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