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Thread: Dtoid's Dream Thread

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    That place i went that one time.
    It is an awesome feeling being in control of your actions within a dream.

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    yep, thanks for the feedback people, copied to wordpad

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    Quote Originally Posted by noobspoon View Post
    You need to stop playing Dead Island, it's invading your dreams.

    Yeah, but if I don't stop the Zombie menace then who's gonna?

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    The fact that you capitalized "Zombie" makes me feel like you have some kind of vendetta.


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    LOL I just noticed that I nearly always do that, unless I catch myself and correct it. Like how most people capitalize god, I like to give added importance to the things I believe in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zodiac Eclipse View Post
    Like how most people capitalize god, I like to give added importance to the things I believe in.
    You're awesome. <3

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    I read someplace that keeping a dream diary is an effective way of acheiving lucid dreams that you can control. So I tried that for a while, and it was pretty awesome to have that surreal shit that I usually forget written down, but it became too tiresome to write immediately after waking up, because, you know, work and all.

    In one of the earliest dreams that I can remember, I was chased by a giant toothbrush. Anyone who's from Norway will know why.

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    I'm in a South American jungle with two dudes and two women all about my age. We're lost and wandering around, trying to stay out of sight of the natives. We hear a noise and dive into the brush on the side of a path and remain motionless. Wisps formed in the air, not of smoke really but almost like a stringy fog, thin and extended like bendy stick figures. Some dead leaves were drawn up in these faint humanoid figures, three figures total, and they ran down the path past us. In total survival mode my companions and I jumped up and ran, looking for some way out to civilization. We ended up in a small clearing where a bizarre scene was playing out. It was like a children's anime version of hell, only live action. Stout man-like demons were wrestling mortal men, more like luchadores than collegiate or WWE wrestling. People were being slammed into trees and jumping around. There was a large fire in the middle of some dead trees. The head demon sat near the fire laughing.

    Then I woke up.

    Then I went to the bathroom and pissed.

    Then I went back to bed.

    I was hired to do some art for a college football team. Like, designing a logo and mascot. Their main color was a royal blue. I was hired because I kinda lied/conned/scammed my way into the position. I kept interrupting the coach and making fun of where he was from, but then he'd chew me out in elaborate ways that really didn't make sense and I'd feel bad, but then I'd interrupt and mock him again anyways.

    Now I'm driving a school bus full of kids on some trip, but I suddenly realize I'm not actually driving the bus, but I'm riding a bicycle and towing the bus behind me as it's connected by a chain to the bike.

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    I had a dream I was on some space station orbiting Earth. My shipmates and I had just come back from a mission somewhere in deep space only to discover that in our absence every human on the planet suddenly dropped dead. We all just hung around the ship questioning what happened and whether or not we should stay on the ship or go down to the surface.

    It was really eerie.

    Also one of my crew mates totally looked like Seth Rogan.

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    Exterior of a large, imposing mansion in the middle of the night. Dark clouds moving quickly across the sky, wind howling. I'm trying to get this girl out of there and to safety, away from some great evil that wants her at the mansion. There's no way off the grounds, but there is a tower that for whatever reason I know to be safe if we can reach the top. We begin climbing the metal ladder up the scaffolding of the tower, with her going first and me right behind. As we near the top she starts to fall but I catch her with my right hand and pin her to the ladder with my body, gripping the ladder tight with my left hand and keeping my feet steady on a rung. She begins climbing again and I help boost her over the lip into the open chamber at the top of the tower. There's no roof on the top, and there are only a few sides with walls. We're up there for a short while when the evil being that wanted her in the mansion shows up. I can't tell if he was a vampire or a demon or something else, but he was a pale man with dark hair and sharp features, dressed nicely. With some kind of supernatural power he causes the tower to break and fall over at a ninety degree angle. As it falls he swoops in and flies away with her, back towards the mansion. I tumble onto one of the few walls the top chamber has and land with a thud once the tower stops falling.

    I enter the mansion. There are many lit candles adorning shelves and alcoves inside. As I go deeper into the mansion it becomes less like a mansion, and more like a school. I pass through a cafeteria, then a locker room and a gym. I can't find either of them, the girl or her captor.

    I wake up. I go back to bed.

    I'm in a village on a hill, with small homes in rows on different levels up the hill. Muppets live in this village. Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie, the whole gang. They're kinda vulgar, acting like real people. We're all waiting for some new residents to arrive, a young puppet couple.

    I leave the town and end up at a shopping center. One of the storefronts isn't home to a retailer, but instead has what looks like a large living room inside. There's a couple seated on a couch, being interviewed for a podcast. The interviewers were seating on some chairs in the same room. When the couple left they got on a motorcycle in the parking lot. Their pet dog came running up to them, and the female half of the couple was going to try and put the dog in the luggage bag of the bike, but discovered it was full of S&M gear so she left the dog there in the lot, asking me to take care of it or to find somebody who would. Then the two of them rode off on their bike.

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    Had a dream all my teeth were falling out. It was fucking terrible. Worst dream I've had in a long time.

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    Those are some of the worst dreams especially when they happen more than once.

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    Yea no shit. I remember thinking, "Fuck, does this mean I'm gonna have to wear dentures the rest of my life? fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu"

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    I was in an auditorium of some sort, it had a sort of curved end and I think a far side that was flat (the stage side). I was stood with somebody at the curved end on a series of sort of raised steps or seating, and we were talking to another man, older, sat in a chair, and he was telling us, or me anyway, we had to remake these films because they were terrible, and I had the feeling he was talking about all these classic films, but he was talking about them as if they were crappy remakes of the originals instead of the originals, and he wanted us to restore these classics to how they should be. Then we starting pulling up the floorboards, I think just with our hands. I had the feeling we were just pulling the floor from under ourselves.

    Then I woke up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bbrigg View Post
    Had a dream all my teeth were falling out. It was fucking terrible. Worst dream I've had in a long time.
    I had a dream like this a month or so ago!

    My teeth were decaying in my mouth and it felt like chunks of sand in my mouth and I was constantly spitting my crumbled teeth was horrible!

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    I was at a Brandi Carlile concert. She was pregnant, but it wasn't showing yet. The guy introducing her before her set made mention of how beautiful pregnant women are, causing her to kinda blush.

    I'm at work, back in our shop. There's a giant hole in one of the bus tires.

    I'm trying to hook up a baby car seat, but there seems to be straps missing. This tiny baby is in the seat, and I'm having an issue keeping his(her? I dunno) little hands from getting wedged between moving pieces of plastic on the seat.

    I'm in a car chase, '70s style. It was pretty badass. Old cars ripping through a small town, then into a dry brown landscape and finishing with a couple wrecks in a rusty construction yard.

    I'm in a grocery store. I think I may've been a detective because I had a gun and a man and a woman in cheap suits with guns were with me. We rounded an aisle in the produce section and the guy with me gets shot. I raise my gun and kill the attacker, then the scene resets. I'm with the man and woman in cheap suits rounding that aisle again. I see the man that fired on us in the last go 'round and I try to shoot him first before he can kill one of my partners again. This time my gun refuses to fire, just empty clicks. Now my partners are gone, the grocery store still looks like a grocery store, but I suddenly know it's actually a prison. The man that had killed my partner the first time around, that I failed to kill this second time, is now in an orange prison jumpsuit, as am I. He reaches into his shirt to grab something. I think it's a shiv so I rush him but it turns out it is just a comb. Then he pulls another comb out of his shirt, this time one of the ends is filed down and it is a shiv. He swings to stab me but I knock it out of his hands. I throw the shiv up front towards the checkout lanes and cash registers, not far from where the armed prison guards are stationed near the sliding glass entrances to the grocery store. I fight the guy and in the process knock him to the ground, then I drag him by the leg and throw him towards the registers too. He comically slides along the ground, hits a trash can and then flips up into the trash can through the swinging plastic flap.
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    I texted my dad last night and he was pretty rude to me. We haven't talked much since I came out to him.

    I dreamt last night that he and I were in a supermarket. It was the first dream I've ever had where I was in girl mode. He was apologizing, and I suddenly didn't believe it was real. I sarcastically started dream checking myself. I slapped myself and I realized I couldn't feel it, but I was just like, maybe I didn't slap myself hard enough. I asked him, "Are you sure this isn't a dream?" and as he was saying that he was really there, I hear the opening strains of my alarm clock.

    I awoke, took a second to grasp reality, and cried.

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    Oh girl, that is sad. :[ Just remember that you don't need a parental seal of approval, even if it'd be nice.

    Anyway, I had a dream that M Randy was my gym teacher and he told us to go swimming in a thunderstorm to prove a science point about how wrinkled fingers actually grip better than other ones. Then it turned into a game show like affair. The first event was picking up sea urchins from the bottom of a swimming pool and bringing them back to the surface. The second one was writing PICKLESTICK SYSTEMS backwards in briny cucumber jars.

    I think I went through Dtoid withdrawal this weekend.

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    Been having a series of "good" ones the last few nights.

    A couple nights ago was like a bad '80s movie double feature. First I was with a couple others in an old abandoned hospital, dark and grimy and in disarray. A large man with drab green skin was trying to kill us. He had two large pieces of smooth white ceramic lodged in his face horizontally parallel to each other. One of the people with me called him "Hockey Face". He was chasing us, and we barricaded ourselves in a large room. I found another exit from the room and we went down its hall looking for an escape. We ended up in the hospital morgue, which was actually in use with cadavers everywhere. The next thing I know I'm in a "sequel" to the first half of the dream. In the same abandoned hospital, only this time instead of "Hockey Face" it's a tall, hairy misshapen monster chasing us. Not quite a werewolf. I barricaded us back in the same room, but I noticed that this lettering on the far wall now had a shadow cast over part of it. For whatever reason this stood out to me.

    The night before last was weird. Trying to make my way through a bizarre sex dungeon with freaks and monsters and ghosts in different cells. This "dungeon" was in a hotel. I found a co-worker's on again/off again girlfriend hiding in a bathtub in a closet. We left together in her car. It was snowy and she got in a minor accident. We were stuck in the snow with the doors open. It was all weird.

    Last night I was a kid with some friends. We were at this lake around dusk, and it was autumn with dead leaves all around. An orange fish monster grabbed one of my friends and took him away. Cut to fifteen years later, current times. I'm an adult looking for this fish monster in order to avenge my friend. I'm driving around the lake in my red Nitro, going to different cabins and small diners and general stores in the area trying to gather any info I can. I'm hunting this thing. It was pretty cool.

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    Last night I dreamed my girlfriend was actually a Transvestite. What does this mean?

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