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Thread: Dtoid's Dream Thread

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    I had a dream/nightmare awhile back where I was in a Left 4 Dead type situation in a mall, a little like the one from Dawn of the Dead (the original.) I don't remember there being zombies per se but I do remember something like a murder, and feeling very tense or on edge about it, like I was going to be found out :/

    I woke up not long after with a really clear picture of the dream, but went back to sleep and had almost completely forgotten everything by morning. This seems to happen a lot to me.

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    Have any of you ever been able to experience a lucid dream? It's pretty amaizing being in controll of everything that happends whilst being fully aware you're dreaming. It might sound rediculous but just flying around is awesome.

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    Really weird, fucked up dream last night. I was coming to my old house and had these two dogs with me. I found the house surrounded by these people who were being led by my dad. he didn't look, sound, or act like my dad but in the dream he was. He was apparently some sort of cult leader and the people with him were his followers. They needed me for something but first they wanted me to get rid of the pups I had with me. When I refused they summoned a pack of hounds, forcing me to drop the pups and run inside. It's here the dream sort of skips forward and see myself only I'm a young blond woman (FYI I'm a dude). Ive been beaten up, stripped, and tied to a chair. The next part fast forwards like I'm skipping through a scene on a VHS player but from what I remember the dad figure enters, turns into a purple demon, fucks and tries to impregnate me while I'm still tied to the chair (Don't ask how he managed that), and in the middle of it I turn into a demon and he gets sucked into my vagina. Then I woke up.

    Fucking weird.

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    Two friends have told me that they recently had dreams that have to do with some sort of redecorating going on in my room here, or some sort of upgrade. Which is peculiar.

    Naturally I am hoping that this could only mean I am about to win the lotto and upgrade my entire LIFE!

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    Flying around in a hot air balloon, I land and get into somebody else's fancier hot air balloon, that was like an enclosed living room attached to the traditional balloon. While I attempted to steer it I kept hitting power lines and ended up landing again.

    I'm in a school, helping teach a preschool class. Some of the kids were too young to be preschoolers, the youngest being an infant just born earlier that day. There was a laundry basket full of water and submerged babies laid down stacked on top of each other. Even though it was a laundry basket full of holes it still held the water, and even though the babies were under water they were perfectly fine and alive.

    I leave and am in a store searching the aisles. I find a foam platypus on a shelf and take it.

    I'm working in a grocery store. It's my first day on the job, having worked in one back in high school I'm right back in the swing of things now. There's a coworker getting pissy because I just got there but am already being given more responsibility than him and am pretty much allowed to do anything I see fit.

    I'm outside on rolling green hills on the edge of a cliff overlooking a vast river under a grey sky. Across the crevasse is a large old house, looking like it was built in the middle ages. I find Mjolnir, Thor's hammer, stuck in some rock and ice. The Marvel comics inscription runs through my head "Whoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor". I grab the hammer by it's handle and it easily breaks free from the ground as I pull it up. It's actually just a standard ball peen hammer, a bit rusty on the head with a stained wooden handle. I make the trek around the cliff to the house I saw across the way. I go inside and show the hammer to the old man who lives there. He's some kind of professor, and looks like a live action version of Geppetto from Disney's Pinocchio.

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    Had a dream where spiders were everywhere, I think I was shooting them, they were doing a whole arachnophobia thing and jumping all over the place. Like mutant giant spiders aswell as the little ones.

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    Who needs acid when you have this thread.

    I had a lovely dream where human sized versions of my pills were surrounding me and that circle grew to create a huge wall, leaving me sheltered and in a zombified state. Looking up you could see a black sky occasionally filled with faces from my past and present either screaming at me or putting me down.

    Like a weird version of Pink Floyd's The Wall without the good music.

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    Man, I hate The Wall. So much music, and so little that's good.

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    You heretic, The Wall is a masterpiece. It shows how fascism creates rebels who inevitably become fascists themselves. It's basically TDK for stoners.

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    I had a dream that I was playing Halo, then I was in a grocery store looking to buy Mountain Dew. All of the cases of Mountain Dew there were either a flavour I wouldn't drink or they were in packaging that had been tampered with so I didn't purchase any.

    I was in an oversized live action version of Blood Gulch/Coagulation/whatever. It was slightly different, with giant wooden multi-level barns at either end instead of the metallic bases. I was in one of the barns sitting around a table with people from work and we were going over Christmas stuff, filling out official forms labeled fro Christmas wishlists. I had childish stuff on mine, and odd stuff like a skateboard (I don't skate). We then had to turn them in and they were to be read aloud to the group, which was embarrassing as all get out so I avoided turning mine in. The next form was for our general interests, with varying categories from things like TV shows and movies, to favorite super hero, to physical traits you find most attractive. I was filling it out in pen and kept scratching things out and changing my mind so the sheet looked like an absolute mess. The only constants that remained unchanged I can remember were for super hero and traits you find attractive.

    Now the Covenant from Halo attacked and the giant recreation of Blood Gulch we were in became a battlefield. People scattered and I started picking off aliens one by one. Then I saw the two wraiths (alien tanks) across the "map" at the opposite barn. I made my way around the edge of the enclosure to the other barn and watched as one of the wraiths veered away, but the other remained resting alongside the building. I ran up and jumped on the front of the tank's smooth purple exterior and held on for dear life as it sprang into motion and began zipping around the battlefield trying to knock me off. Around this time is when I noticed the children all over the place, trying to fight off the invading aliens barehanded. Anyways, I started alternating hands that were gripping the wraith, using the free arm to throw elbows at its exterior in an attempt to damage it. After a minute or two of this I broke through and a chunk of the hull fell away like purple plastic. The elite (Halo alien) inside jumped out like an idiot and I was able to swing myself into his recently vacated seat. The tank controls were weird and alien, and the seat uncomfortable, but I figured it out and immediately gunned down the elite that had just been inside the wraith. I then blasted the other wraith and went around the battlefield cleaning up the rest of the alien invasion force.

    Somewhere in the dream I remember playing a sidescrolling version of the NES game ShadowGate (there is no actual sidescrolling version). I ran out of torches and died, but somehow after I died I respawned in a treasure room. It was all very un-ShadowGate, aside from the torches running out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Legendhead View Post
    You heretic, The Wall is a masterpiece. It shows how fascism creates rebels who inevitably become fascists themselves. It's basically TDK for stoners.
    Yea, the theme is great and all and I can appreciate the writing but I just don't enjoy most of the music. I mean, Taylor Swift could make an album about how great I am in bed (whether it's true or not) and it could be extremely well-written and all that, but I probably won't like it.

    Although, Comfortably Numb is one of my favorite songs of theirs.

    On another note, I had one of the longest dreams I can remember in a while last night.

    I was with a group of people two of which were good friends from childhood and I think we were some kind of radical anti-government group or some shit like that. So, the three of us decided to be the distraction so the rest of our group could act on the bigger thing we were trying to do (of course I don't know what it was but it was extremely important and we would all go down in history). So I break into some place, wait til the guard leaves and I sneak into this room where there's a locked drawer with whatever I was trying to get locked in a box inside the drawer. I get the drawer open but I can't find the key to get the box open. Apparently, I tripped an alarm and I see the guard running toward me. I'm frantically trying to get the box open and I think I find the key when I hear the door open and see the guard and some guy in like this orange jacket on with handcuffs (apparently he's the head guy in this place). So, without resisting, I get cuffed and am led out of the building.

    As we're walking, my two friends see me and start walking close behind me. The two guards start getting further and further away in front of me and one of my friends is telling me to run. The other one thinks it's a bad idea and I tell them, "No, I don't want you two to get in trouble for harboring a fugitive" so my one friend that wants me to run says some phrase and I fucking wish I could remember what it was because at the time it sounded incredible. Something that has the same meaning as "fuck it. What do we have to lose?" It was probably something stupid like "Just Do It" but it was legit in the dream, so my other friend looks at me and nods his head since we all agree this is gonna happen. So we fucking take off. Of course the guards see us and start chasing. We get to this building and run up some stairs to a dead end, but it's open to the outside, kind of like a parking garage but it's about 4 stories up so we can't jump to the ground. My friends say go a certain way and they'll go the other way so I take off.

    Somehow during all this, my handcuffs break so I'm frantically trying to find a way out of the building and I come to the same dead end. Well, the guards are back on my trail and I look back and take off and jump off the ledge but there's like this sculpture near the ledge so I jump on and it basically turns into Mirror's Edge and I'm leaping and grabbing onto this thing all the way down. I hit the ground and meet up with the other two and that's all I can remember.

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    Last night, I was shot in the face by Gustavo Fring.

    He was angry at me.

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    I was hanging out with a few super nerds/dorks/geeks, going to various places. My top front teeth were ground down or decayed to the point that they were below the gum line (but I could feel the backs of those front teeth with my tongue, so maybe it was just that my gums had grown down over the front? I don't know). I scratched away at my gums and tore little chunks away with my fingernails until some teeth were visible.

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    I walked up carpeted steps into a living room where people were gathered for some low key get together. An attractive milf in her forties was standing near a couch. She had brown eyes and a few stray grey hairs in her long dark brown hair, wearing a tight burgundy sweater and tight jeans. We sat down on the couch together, with her sitting at an angle to my left with her right leg over my left leg, brushing up against my crotch. I had my hand on her lap, subtly rubbing her inner thigh with my thumb. So yeah, I'm getting hard, so it's time for us to make an exit together. We leave the party and shit goes downhill quick. Her ex shows up and starts chasing us with a gun.

    We hop on the back of a truck with a couple of other nearby people and speed off down a dirt road through the woods. He's chasing in his car. He does something, it happened too quick to tell exactly what, and the front of truck we're on explodes and flips, throwing us from it. Her ex tries to avoid running into us and wipes out, flipping his car as well. I get up and start walking back, looking for the milf. One of the people who jumped on the truck with us is up and moving about, she was bloodied but okay. I find the milf with her leg impaled on a tree branch. I helped her get pulled loose from the tree and was relieved to find that it didn't hit any arteries, so while the bleeding was bad it wasn't life threatening at this point. I have no idea what became of the other person who hopped on the truck with us, he was either dead or unconscious somewhere nearby. We then saw the ex, bleeding from his head but still standing, gun in hand. I got between the two women and him, and then I approached and confronted him. He raised the gun to take a shot but I wrestled him to the ground.

    Then I woke up and took a piss. Then I went back to bed and dreamed this:

    I'm riding my bike through a trail in the woods. On the side of the trail I see a chocolate labrador retriever sitting in the dead leaves watching me as I ride by. The trail is a large misshapen circuit, so I end up back where I started. When I ride by where the dog was there is now a yellow lab instead, and it chases me. It's not being mean, it wants to play. Eventually it runs off into the woods. I come across a well dressed woman in her twenties standing by a door by the trail. I stop and talk to her, and it turns out one of the dogs is hers, the other belongs to her twin sister. We go into the door and are now in what appears to be a school hallway, but all of the doors along the hall lead to hotel rooms. We find the lady's twin sister, identical in features except she's wearing white makeup in order to look extremely pale. She's in one of the rooms, and accepts a marriage proposal from a European dude. This dude is overtly evil. I have no idea exactly how we knew this, but the first sister and I just knew this guy was no good.

    Also, there was a trip wire placed just inside the second sister and her new fiance's room. I have no idea what for.

    Then I woke up for real.

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    I think I was interviewing an "expert" on the Mayan civilization and after the interview it was pretty apparent we didn't like each other. So we did the polite shaking of hands, but each one of us tried to squeeze the other's hand harder like you do in middle school. Everybody lost, because I had the same strength as a 72 year old book scholar.

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    There were zombies and for some reason my Ex was around, but not actually in the dream, just referenced cuz he was pissed at me for something. I was all, hey guys zombies, but they were busy with high school drama. Ended up locked in an old school bus watching zombies roam past. Woke up confused.

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    You need to stop playing Dead Island, it's invading your dreams.

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    Quote Originally Posted by noobspoon View Post
    Have any of you ever been able to experience a lucid dream? It's pretty amaizing being in controll of everything that happends whilst being fully aware you're dreaming. It might sound rediculous but just flying around is awesome.
    Shortly after I first watched Inception I had a dream where I was aware I was dreaming. I were never quite in control of it, though, but later, I had another lucid dream where I repeatedly jumped five meters up i the air to dodge cars, which I felt was pretty controlled.

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