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Thread: Dtoid's Dream Thread

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    what ever happened to Banj. He disappeared from here and facebook (unless he just deleted me).

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    he comes and goes on facebook. he's acting all grown up these days I guess.

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    The majority of my dream is a bit muddled and consisted of me climbing the outside of a building with somebody whom I can't recall, getting in an argument with dudes on the sidewalk below and coming down, then later on talking to the proprietors of a comic shop about how I was concerned about how their business might be doing given there was a larger comic shop one store over on the same block, and there was something about a shadowy corporation with unseen monsters waiting to strike.

    Anyways, I ended up eating dinner with Robert Picardo and Dick Miller. It was funny because partway through the meal I suddenly movie-nerded out and was like "Wait, you're Robert Picardo and Dick Miller! You were both in Gremlins 2!! And The Explorers!! Can I get a picture of you guys?" I remember thinking but not saying that Joe Dante must really love them. It was kinda funny to me that I called them both by their full names.

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    Was in the woods, then in a mansion. This mansion was haunted and the ghost or ghosts were murderous. There were a couple of other guys and a gal there, and we split up and were searching the place. The girl and I were together, the other guys together. As she and I went up some steps to the second floor we could sense the ghost's presence and when we got to the top of the steps there were button prompts like from a 360 game in front of my vision. We ran and the spirit gave chase, more button prompts popped up. The lady cut left through one doorway and I kept going in order to keep the ghost's attention, then I went through the second door down. The rooms on that side of the hall all angled until they joined at a revolving door that led to a small room behind them. The lady and I met up in that room, then held the revolving so it wouldn't move while the ghost slammed against the other side trying to get in. I yelled to the ghost a terrible one-liner, "What's the matter, can't 'Silent Hill' your way into this one?" (I don't even know what the hell that was supposed to mean, or why I said it.) Anyways, mocking a ghost is a bad idea because after I said that he instantly appeared in the room with us and he slammed the girl and my heads together, knocking us out.

    I immediately woke up on the set of a music video shoot. The two guys who split up from us were there, one as the director and one as the rapper whose video they were making. Then I noticed that the girl was there too, as was the ghost, only here the ghost was alive and holding a gun to her face. The other guys notice the gunman as well now and we all move towards him to try and help the lady. He wasn't backing down, still keeping the revolver in his hand steady and ready to fire, though as the four of us got in a group he started going from person to person with his aim. At one point I jumped him and grabbed the gun, then the others joined in and pinned him to the ground.

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    Last night i had a dream that me and a couple of other guys got in some trouble and ending up dropping out of society and living in the wild. We were being pursued since one of our group killed someone. At some point we all split up and I ran into my friend Nate later as he was living near a lake by my old office. I ended up going back home and trying rejoin society. When my mom caught wind of my return, she told me I needed to contact Elsa asap.

    Apparently Elsa had been worried sick about me. What in all of the fucks?

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    Ohhhh, when you said you had a dream about Elsa I thought you meant that you had a dream about Elsa.

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    i didn't have sex with Elsa if that's what you mean. I don't know anything about her.

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    stayed over at pub quiz guys house last night. had a dream that he was telling me that it was too late, I was trying to push something into happening, even though the time had passed for us. I had come on too strong too soon. (stupid brain always makes me live out my fears and insecurities). Then I woke up and we had awesome morning sex.

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    I woke up at one point smiling from the dream i had. I'll go ahead and apologize in advance to pappa, moe, and conor...

    pappa bought a new car. the interior was very spacious. problem was that pappa wasn't driving it, conor was. i was on a roadtrip in pappa's new car, with conor driving, and moe riding shotgun. we were all amazed about the amount of space, but i commented that the driver and passenger seats were too far apart for a decent handjob. that's important because handjobs are romantic. apparently that aspect didn't please conor and moe so they pulled over at a park for a handjob. i started freaking out. i was all " ok guys, that's fine but i don't want to bear witness to this. conor, give me a smoke."

    so i got out while those two were being romantic and i'm pacing around in shock. i need a light. sam gobblesthegook gives me a light, but as i'm about to light up, Louis CK starts going off about how damaging cigarettes are to my health. he guilted me in to not smoking it and he took it, broke it, and tossed it on the ground.

    later moe, conor, sam and i are at this secret airfield and this jet pilot notices us. we next to this aircraft carrier that's just on the other side of a fence. the pilot starts buzzing us. i'm in the field and the guy flies over me trying to give me rubber burns from his landing gear. i go flatter and flatter to the ground and on one particular pass he knocks my hat off. After he knocks my hat off he crashes.

    we run and end up in this strange base being pursued by a bunch of military type folks. it turned into a scary movie type dream at this point. not sure what all happened prior to our capture, but i laughed, i cried. finally we are captured and this higher up muckity muck girl takes me to her lead engineer to begin my training. i was skeptical of the skills that currently ran the operation. they were interested in us because we'd taken out one of their pilots, but just said "haha that dude just flew into a fence. we had nothing to do with it."


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    Best dream EVER!

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    P-diddles has a stolen car fetish. We can make it work.

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    I can't recall the right sequence of the scenes in my dream last night, but it started with this one:

    I was out in the woods in the middle of the night, it was hard to see due to fog but I could make out some figures backlit by the moonlight. As I got closer to them they seemed like monstrous versions of people, with pale skin and red eyes. I held up what looked kind of like a watch, only where the face would be it was clear plastic. I looked through the plastic circle at the nearest fiend and twisted the circle clockwise. My vision changed, I was still in the same woods at night but now the fog was gone and I could make out greens and browns instead of the oppressive grays and blacks. It was like a filter had been removed from over my eyes. The creature I had been looking at was now a WWII era soldier in a brown uniform. He raised his gun and set his sights on me so I dove to the ground and hid being a rock.


    I was in a house, one I'd been in as a visitor during a different dream before. This time it was my house and I was living there. Some people came over and I made dinner, one of the hot girls was impressed with my cooking. We hung out for a bit, then the next thing I knew it was morning. A couple of guys in suits claiming to be with the government showed up at my door wanting my help fixing the ozone layer and solving a gas crisis that could eventually cause a Mad Max-style apocalypse event. Also with them was P.O.S for whatever reason. This reminded me that I had tickets to some all night Doomtree concert/party for later that day. I also suddenly remembered that I was late for work. I called my office and explained that I might not be in due to the whole government at my door thing, then I went and sat down and discussed end of the world scenarios with two g-men and P.O.S in my living room.


    I was riding a tandem bicycle down the street of a business district in disrepair. There was a pretty lady riding on the seat behind me. We were weaving between snow mounds and abandoned cars when suddenly up ahead was Leatherface, dragging his running chainsaw along the asphalt. I veered wide to the left as we passed him, but then he gave chase and our bike inexplicably started to slow down, though we were both peddling still. We came up to a dead end and I turned us around and again swung wide of Leatherface. We hopped off the bike and tried to enter a building, but the door wouldn't open and a translucent blue text popped up like in a video game or sci-fi movie. The text stated that we could only enter if we bought a Texas Chainsaw Massacre blu-ray, it also gave a release date of 11/27.

    I don't even know.


    I was in a large house at night and had to get from one of the top floors down into a subbasement. I was running down increasingly narrower sets of stairs, through trash filled rooms with sleeping white trash people in them. Towards the bottom of the house I jumped through a hole in the floor, grabbed the ledge above me as I fell and swung myself through the dark room I was in over towards an open doorway. Past the doorway was a large well lit room made of red bricks. There was inch deep standing water on the brick floor and there were larger brick blocks stacked along the walls. I somehow ended up back at the top floor of the house and ran back down to that brick chamber, doing this circuit a couple times. Each time more of the rednecks were waking up and they weren't very happy.

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    dreamed last night that usedtabe and i visiting ZP, and as soon as we got through the door i found ZP's N7 hoodie, put it on and hid under his table so they wouldn't find me.

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    I've been having some weird fucked up dreams as of late, due to late night painkillers to help me ignore toothache. The strangest ones are a collection of re-occuring dreams that seem to take place in some sort of minecraft looking world, with people who become more and more nuanced every time I go there.

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    As I've said before, I like "nightmares". So last night I had a dream where I was tracking down killers, creatures, monsters and evil Greco-Roman deities at various parts of the dream. It was all at night, with different parts taking place in a variety of creepy locales including underground caverns, a small town neighborhood and the surrounding fields, a rundown warehouse district that'd been abandoned, etc. It was dark and dangerous and I loved it.

    Friday and Saturday though I had actually scary dreams about paying bills and my hair thinning. Shit was fucked up.

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    I woke up early this morning (around 2) to do some work and then took a brief nap from 6-6:30. I had a really weird dream that involved lots of Dtoid nudity and Bloodspray cupping my balls. The two incidents were not linked. I think there was also a Japanese closet/bondage dungeon and I somehow mistook that for my apartment.

    Happy Monday everyone

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    awesome. were you explaining oral techniques?

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    I was at what looked like a high school but was actually a college. I was in the halls with a couple stand-up comics in their twenties (I can't recall exactly which comics, or if they were just made up for my dream). We were hanging out and one of them was recording on a handheld camera as we goofed off. A crowd of students came down the hall, in the midst of them was Dave Attel. I asked the other guys "What's he doing here, isn't he like fifty?"

    We got out of the hall and entered a professor's office. It was massive and filled with thick books and antiques and historical artifacts and things. There was a middle aged, short woman there dressed up in a snazzy skirt and suit, like a lawyer on TV. She was the professor and she chewed us out.

    We left and were hanging out in a trashed apartment, still recording, and busted out into an impromptu music video with lyrics made up on the spot. Shit was crazy.

    Next thing I know I'm in a level from Halo, inside some large silvery Forerunner artifact with glowing lights. I was at a far corner sitting on a comfortable couch talking with this girl. Well, she was talking to me and I was kinda being distant and forcing myself to be as reserved as possible and not show much interest. I really wanted to dive right in and care, but I'd been down that road in real life with her and couldn't bear to do it again in the dream. Which I dunno, is silly. I could've had the good feelings in the dream if I'd have let myself, but I knew it was fake I guess? I dunno. I let her talk and I gave back the barest minimum in response. She talked about family, hobbies, going to college out in California. She talked about pictures on her phone, heavily hinting that she wanted to show them to me but I didn't take the bait. It was like a bizarro world role reversal.

    At some point I woke up.

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    I had a dream the other night where I was having sex with that blond chick from Spartacus (the one that's always with Lucy Lawless) and going down on another woman. It was quite awesome.

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