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Thread: Dtoid's Dream Thread

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    There was a wild boar, thin and cartoonish, running around the globe. All of the continents were much smaller and connected, the size of cities rather than their real-world continent counterparts. Anyways, the boar ended up at the southern tip of South America before realizing it should be in Africa. It then questioned aloud to no one in particular why it couldn't just fly back over to Africa like the other birds. In my dream this question made sense, since the boar was recognized as a bird, but a flightless one. Here's where I came into play. Rather than making the boar run all the way north through South, Central and North America, then over to Europe and south to Africa, I decided I'd just grab it and swim it across the small body of water to it's destination. The boar was now a weird crab-like thing. The crab creature sat in an over-sized bowl-like lower shell, with long, jointless-yet-flexible legs sticking through holes in the "bowl". It's regular crab legs supported it in the bowl, and it crawled around in it while also using the longer legs through the "bowl" as support. It looked almost like a Christmas tree stand.

    Anyways, the boar was now this crab thing, and I took it by the long flexible legs and jumped into the water. The legs straightened out and I held the creature up out of the water. I waded across the "ocean" towards Africa, and the water only got above my head once I neared the opposing coast. I lifted the crab high above my head and paddled with my other arm. All along the coastline were natural smooth spike jutting skyward. They were close in to one another, making it impossible to get on land. I swam north along the rigid barrier of spikes until a saw a beach further up. As I neared the beach I noticed an opening in the spikes that was even closer, with a small ledge to climb up on. I placed the crab on it and then pulled myself up. Beyond the spiked barrier there was a water park filled with tourists. The crab wandered off into the crowd, and I made my way to the far side of the area, to a row of small shacks, shops, and other buildings. There was a small fluffy puppy there that i played with.

    I ended up inside a building, a house. I flicked through a magazine that had previews and articles on different comic books. It looked like Deadpool was good again, so I was excited to go buy an issue and try it out. There was also a preview of an Agent X book, where he went insane and cut his own face and arms off, and disfigured the rest of himself, so he would heal and grow back stronger. I figured I'd buy that as well. When I went out to drive to the comic shop it was dark and there was a light rain. I ended up getting chased by another vehicle and almost getting in a wreck. I never found a comic shop, so I just went back to the house I had been in. I went into the bedroom and laid down. As I slept an invisible ghost started to strangle me. There wasn't much I could do, since it was a ghost, but somehow my struggling and rolling around got it off me and I could breathe again. Though it was invisible, I knew it was now outside the door to the hallway, so I ran and slammed to door shut. The ghost started pressing against it, trying to open the door and get back in. As we struggled over the door I began talking down the the ghost, provoking it. I eventually got the door shut and locked, but then an invisible ghost, whether it was the same one or another I don't know, but a ghost tried opening another door on the other side of the room. I then ran over and struggled over that door. I have no memory of how the dream ended.

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    I was charged with watching somebody's baby, I'm not sure whose. This little guy was tiny, the size of my hand or smaller, and he was wearing a dark blue onesie. He was in a small paper lunch bag with a rag to use as a blanket/pillow, and that bag was in a slightly larger paper bag. I didn't shove him in these bags, this is how he was left with me. Anyways, I took the kid with me in my car, and like a terrible person I just placed the paper bag with him sleeping in it on the front seat next to mine. I drove around looking for a place to park, eventually finding an open lot and parking on under the shade of some crepe myrtle trees, which were unnaturally tall but still average height compared to other trees. I checked on the baby and saw that he was still sleeping, then I grabbed his bag and brought him into an office that I apparently worked at in my dream. I am immediately dealing with issues once I walk in the door, with problems left and right. Everything from little stuff like the break room being out of paper towels to bigger troubles like an important client being pissed off.

    I get to my computer and the internet has been shut off. Turns out Bloo also worked at this company and for no real reason whatsoever he called the cable company and had 'em cancel our internet service. Dude was trolling in my dream. So Bloo is sitting on the floor in one of the offices laughing, and I call the cable company to try and get our service back on. The guy on the line is being really unhelpful, saying he can't restart service unless we agree to a new, shitty contract. He's being a dick, so I start being a dick back, getting snide, then he hangs up. Phones are ringing all around, I'm dealing with what I can but by this point I have to leave the office because I'm late for a meeting. A lady who I work with in real life shows up at my desk asking about something and I vent my frustration on her, angrily telling her off.

    Then when I'm leaving for this meeting I was late for, suddenly the workplace theme of my dream fades away, and it's just me and this baby in a small paper bag. He's awake now, so I took him out and held his tiny frame in my hand. Now he was a baby panda, still wearing the dark blue onesie. And he could talk! Not much, just one or two words at a time, in a squeaky little voice, but he still spoke. So I was talking to him, and he was laughing and talking to me and the little guy was just adorable, no joke. I don't remember what, if anything, came after that scene.

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    Only remember part of my dream from last night. It was towards the end of the dream, I was scuba diving with a dude and a chick not far from the shore. A shark showed up so we hid along some coral. The dude identified it as a tiger shark, but it was clearly a great white. Once we couldn't see the shark, the chick bolted and started swimming towards the beach, leaving myself and the other diver hunkered down under an overhang of coral. Of course the shark shows back up immediately, and the dude panics and starts swimming towards the beach as well. This gets the shark's attention and it starts to give chase. I hear the dude complain that there's also a piranha after him, but given that he couldn't tell the difference between a tiger and a great white, and we were in the ocean, I knew he was mistaken again. I start swimming towards the shore as well, and somehow get myself between the shark and my two buddies who had bolted before me. We were getting closer to land and the water kept getting shallower, but the shark was still right there on our heels, somehow continuing up into water too shallow for it to even be completely submerged in. We weren't all going to make it, so I stopped and turned around and started kicking and punching at the shark's face. I jabbed my fist into the mouth of the killer fish, and somehow didn't get it bitten off. The guy and gal made it to the beach and were back on land, so I turned and kicked the shark in the snout and used it to push off and make my last dash to the shore. Miraculously I was unharmed.

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    So I had a dream last night. I was with this gal I know and Dale North and we were in a truck in a marsh searching for a rare animal, the world's only underwater canines. They were tiny, only a few inches long or tall, and had fibreglass "exoskeletons" for lack of a better term, with small spikes and sharp points. Aside from all that weirdness, they looked like average puppies. Dale wasn't into it because he wanted nothing to do with getting his shoes wet, so the trip was cut short and the three of us went to this fancy airport/monorail station and ended up in some random East Asian country. There were a lot of American and European tourists there, and we found people that looked like each of us as we wandered. Dale split off so then it was just me and this gal, and the two of us went into this large shopping mall. We were looking at this electronic tablet we had, trying to find a wi-fi hotspot on a map of the mall that was on the tablet. As we wandered I tried to explain this comic to her, but I didn't do it justice. Even so, she seemed to agree that it would be great if that actually happened in Animal Crossing.

    The two of us split up with plans to regroup at a wi-fi hotspot we found on the opposite side of the mall. I went down an escalator and walked up to the window of a store that was closed, looking at the wares. Another gal I know came walking towards me, and we talked and had some laughs. We went our separate ways after a bit, and I met back up with girl number one. We got online and were checking the Forums (of course :/), and the Gears people were talking about how bad I am at Gears. I also noticed that my avatar was the same as it is now, only there was no Bill Hicks quote, and the strand of saliva was going from Phantomato's tongue to a profile shot of my naked ass. Anyways, the girl and I talked some more, then I went off on my own down another back hallway in the mall.

    As I went down this hall I was attacked by Kai Leng from Mass Effect 3. Unarmed, I ran down the hall and ducked into a large vent that was open. The vent led immediately to a downward sloping cavern of brown rock and sediment. Kai was pursuing me so I kept making my way down, dodging his blade swings as best I could. A killer robot with large drills was now ahead of me down the cavern, so I was sandwiched between to two. Somehow I was able to knock one of Kai's blades free from his hand and I grabbed it, then was able to squeeze past the robot. I then turned and drove the blade into some hoses clustered on the robot's back and started twisting. It was slowly sputtering to a robotic death as Kai made it to us. The cavern was narrower where the machine finally died, so Kai couldn't fit around it to get to me. I turned and ran further down the cavern and ended up in a small chamber with a low ceiling. A man I knew to be a villain who set this whole killer robot scenario into motion climbed up through a hole in the ceiling. I climbed up there as well, poking my head up into a darkened attic that had several large flatscreen TVs showing various scenes from my dream so far.

    *BOOM* I'm back in the hallway where Kai Leng first attacked me. It goes the same as before, he attacks from out of nowhere and I rush towards that same open vent. This time I spin as I get to the vent and pull one of his blades free from his sheathe before he can use it, I then use that against him to disarm him of his other blade, which I then kick down the hall. Still he chases me down into the cavern. We come upon the same robot and I do the same maneuver to get around it, stabbing it in the same place on the back to "kill" it. This time when Leng made it to the incapacitated the robot I kept shoving hard on the blade and pushed it through the machine and into Leng, killing him. After Leng was killed the guy in the cavern was no longer me, and I was now watching this stranger on a monitor. He continued down the hallway as I had done before, down into the small chamber. He watched as the villain escaped into the ceiling as he had earlier. The guy following in my footsteps climbed up through the hole as I had done, only this time the villain was there waiting for him. The villain started talking to the guy, and it turns out he was the guy's father. The flatscreens in that "attic" they were in went white and got brighter and brighter until they filled the room with white light and everything went blank.

    Then end.

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    Last night I dreamed I was having sex with an attractive hooker in Vegas.

    That was it.

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    I had just crossed the border into South-Eastern Russia from China. Dead tired from the journey, I slept under a tarp in some rubble on the side of a wooded path. I woke up but just kinda laid there resting still, taking in the surroundings. I saw a dark furry mass curled up and sleeping on some of the busted concrete to my left, some old wooden houses spread out amongst the trees further down the path, and a man walking towards me. I got up and recognized the man as an older guy from work. The mound of fur sleeping nearby hopped up, revealing itself to be a dog. The guy and I exchanged hellos. He lived in a house not far from there and was wondering what I was doing in the Russian countryside. I explained that I was just on a journey, looking for adventure, exploring on foot. He thought that was foolish and recommended I go back. He told me how many dozens of miles the next real town was and that I wouldn't make it by foot. I told him I was going to continue on anyways, to which he shook his head, wished me luck, and continued on his way.

    I put on my right shoe and started walking up the path, deeper into the woods, past those old wooden houses. The dog that had been sleeping joined me, as well as another dog that came out of the forest after I awoke. After maybe thirty feet I stopped to put on my left shoe. At that point it started to rain, just a light drizzle at first but it was quickly getting heavier. Up ahead was a circle of decrepit houses in a tightly enclosed clearing. I ran towards the houses as the storm grew violent. There were lights on in one of the houses, the largest one in the center. I was a disheveled foreigner here and was not about to just break into one of these houses, nor was I going to knock on the door and try to ask for shelter when I didn't know the language. I circled in back of the largest house and darted underneath a large wooden pavilion. The thing was in disrepair, but it kept the rain off me. There was a huge wooden "bar" forming a rigid u-shape under the pavilion and against the house. As I walked around it I noticed my shoelace needed to be tightened. I was near the edge of the overhanging pavilion when I bent over to tend to my shoe, and as I tied it I felt a sudden jolt and couldn't move. I was being electrocuted, having been struck by lighting.

    I could see a pair of girls come running from one of the surrounding houses. They reached me and were able to help get me inside. They spoke English, and we talked for a bit. I explained my situation and thanked them profusely for their help. They showed me around their house. There were thick magnets of Zero from Mega Man X in various poses sitting on one shelf. I don't remember much else.
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    I had a weird dream last night (well early morning). Not much too it just weird.

    I was in at home here, everyone was asleep but it looked like the sun was rising outside. My aunt was asleep in my room (why she was even in the house I dunno). My uncle was awake in the living room. Anyway weird things started happening, lights were flickering inside and out. A plank of wood would randomly appear lodged in the door handle of my folks room. Other things would suddenly be stuck in the wall or floating midair. There was an eerie feeling but I couldn't quite pin if it was actually a 'paranormal' feeling or not. Usually when I have a dream about something paranormal that is bad, I freak out in the dream. But I wasn't as freaked out this time.

    Then my uncle who has always been strong and supportive suddenly was defeated. He slouched to the ground and just gave up on life, just couldn't see the point anymore. Totally unlike him and it was bad timing too because he would be the one in the dream I'd need the most help from with whatever potentially spooky thing was happening.

    So instead of dealing with whatever was going on, I had to give him pep-talks, fix him, save him from this depressed state. Then I was woken up IRL. It was just a strange dream. Abrupt ending, no closure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GlowBear View Post
    no closure.
    Very rarely do my dreams ever have any closure, at least not anything memorable. With dreams it seems to be more about the journey than the destination.

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    Oooh it's so annoying that. Happens a lot to me, possibly all the time. Or one dream will abruptly stop and a completely different one will begin. Worse when it happens in 'those' sort of dreams too.

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    I can remember a weird thing I dreamt. I was in a Mcdonald's in Stratford-Upon-Avon. Fuckin' insane.

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    Sounds trippy brah.

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    So the part of my dream I remember best involved me going from one hangout near the beach to this huge set of beige stone ruins. There were large steps leading to a huge roof area with a slight incline. On top of these ruins a battle was being fought between zombies and characters from all different types of media. There was Iron Man, there was a pirate, there were video game and TV and movie characters. This was no easy fight, people were dropping and being overcome by the zombies left and right, explosions were going off, it was chaos. I escaped the carnage and went back to the house near the beach. I went online and saw that Glowie and Morty had new badges from recommending characters to go battle the zombies. The badge art was a stylized version of characters from Mario RPG. I was jealous and spent what I can recall of the remainder of the dream trying to think up somebody good to toss to the zombies so I could get that badge.

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    That is a wacky colourful dream Plattypussy. I totally earned that badge!

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    I'm sure you did, but I don't know how Morty got it because I checked his post history in the dream and he still hadn't posted in forever!

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    You lurk people in your dreams!

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    I had to check into it! Y'all got badges for somethingI lived through!!

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    I'll keep this brief:


    A bunch of people from here were coming to mine for a party before we all went somewhere geeky with others.

    My phone was dead as the charger was in Ireland (which is what actually happened this week) so communication was going to be trouble. Had to stick to internet when I could.

    It was a blistering hot day.

    I have no idea where we were, I think it was suppose to be London but it wasn't, felt like we were in Italy or something.

    A random person supposedly from here but clearly made up arrived at the bus stop&I greeted her and took her to a pub whilst I waited on you SLOW BASTARDS.

    Her legs were extremely hairy and as she hugged me I conciously tried to keep our legs from touching. I might have been wearing shorts or a skirt.

    A text comes from someone here on my Irish phone (I ponder how anyone got that number). I run all over a part of 'Londontaly' looking for them in the blistering heat, leaving the girl at the pub. I come back to mine, checked FB and then sat down watching tv, completely forgetting about her. I decide to get up, leave and find the guys again, maybe ring them. Just as I do a big wrestler built black guy gets out of a car with a baby, smiles at me, walks past me and rings the doorbell to my house.

    I wake up to an actual doorbell ringing with a postman giving me the charger to my phone.


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    So I had this dream where I am living in this super nice mansion, like marble stairs and everything, and I get home and am about to open my door when I realize my crazy stalker followed me home (I don't have a crazy stalker in real life fyi) The guy is pelting tennis balls at me while professing his love in an attempt to stop me from going inside. When I finally open the door there is this dude who looks like he was in the home alone movie standing there with a bag of my stuff. The guy drops the bag and snatches me and my stalker up while my cat sits there with tears coming down her eyes as I am taking away. Then the kidnapper takes us on a road trip where we drive to some rural shady town in California and when my stalker asks him where we are going he says bungie jumping.

    And then I woke up

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    Did I ever post the dream I had right after I joined where leggy was a woman who lived in a trailer park and wouldn't hang out with me because he had to level his wow characters?

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    OMG, it's true because dream logic!

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