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Thread: First Arcade Cabinet?

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    Mr Kite's Avatar
    407 posts since Oct 2008

    First Arcade Cabinet?

    I sorta tried to find an old thread for this but I didn't so I'll make a new one. Forgive me if I suck at them internets.

    Anyway assuming the majority of you have played an arcade cabinet I ask; what was the first arcade cabinet you played? I believe mine was either Galaga or that Simpsons game.

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    Street Fighter at my local Wal-mart I think. That was actually probably not my first one, but it was the first that I can actually and clearly remember. If I have an epiphany I'll get back to you fools.

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    Wookiee's Avatar
    2,008 posts since Jun 2007

    I doubt anyone of us can remember back that far.

    All I can say is the one that sticks in my memory was the original Ninja Gaiden.

    IMO. the original arcade games were far superior to the NES games.

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    It was before I could even read so I'm not sure of the name. Must have been about 3 or 4. I remember it was a baseball game and I was so little that I had to stand on a chair. I also remember that I could always beat the first team but never any more than that.

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    Yeah, it was a while back, I couldn't even tell you accurately right now.

    I played a lot of Bubble Bobble at my local pool hall as well. Gauntlet maybe? Couldn't say, my brain is shrivelled and worn from years of gaming.

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    TewDee's Avatar
    1,393 posts since Jul 2008

    I think it was Raiden I, the vertical scrolling SHUMP. I'd love to get my hands on it again. So much fun.

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    Hector Garfria's Avatar
    17,902 posts since Mar 2009

    Marvel Super Heroes VS Street Fighter. I had such a blast with that game. It's probably why I spend most of my gaming time on Fighters too.

    I even Cblawged about it.

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    most memorable and impressionable one for me was Space Harrier though.

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    Couldn't find a specific thread that matched this exactly. My first (that I can recall) was the vector based Star Wars game. God I loved that shit.

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    iPwn's Avatar
    141 posts since Jun 2009
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    Man that game was awesome in the arcades.

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    Zippyduda's Avatar
    7,923 posts since May 2009

    I think it was either Street Fighter 1, Mortal Kombat or a Racing Game. Not sure....

    But good times were had I know that

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    I'm pretty sure the first arcade cabinet I ever played was Altered Beast.

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    I remember playing Metal Slug when I was young. Can't rememeber witch one though.

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    I remember playing street fighter 2 while my Dad would try and sell shares in horses at the pub... I was so much better at it back then.

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    Monodi's Avatar
    426 posts since Oct 2008

    Well holy shit, you are talking about a long time ago...

    Mmmmmmaybe it was Mortal Kombat or Wold Heroes 2 Jet... Jesus, I don't know.

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    PolearmClock's Avatar
    9 posts since Jul 2009
    Well, the first arcade cabinet I can remember playing was a Galaga cabinet in some Chinese restaurant.

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    AgentBBJ's Avatar
    412 posts since May 2008

    It was probably Pac-Man or Star Wars. I remember being at a crappy hotel that had an arcade and my dad took me down there and we played some games. I got addicted to that star wars machine. I had to really rack my brain on this one.

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    bbrigg's Avatar
    8,950 posts since Jul 2007

    Shit, that was a while ago. I remember this one at the movie theater in the mall. It had a rifle you held and it had a wild west theme. You shot dudes and they would throw barrels at you you had to shoot as well. I remember my dad holding me up so I could reach it. Then I started using a chair or anything I could find to stand on to reach it. Virtua Fighter was in the same arcade, so possibly that one. It was probably something else like TMNT or Super Off Road, but my memory fails me yet again.

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    Monodi's Avatar
    426 posts since Oct 2008

    You know, I think it could also be one boxing arcade game with a wireframed boxer. I am sure it was not Super Punch-Out or anything because it had some special joysticks to get a good grip on. I can't remember the name of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monodi View Post
    You know, I think it could also be one boxing arcade game with a wireframed boxer. I am sure it was not Super Punch-Out or anything because it had some special joysticks to get a good grip on. I can't remember the name of it.
    Title Fight. Is that what you're thinking of?

    My first that I can remember was the first TMNT at a place called Toppy's in Taiwan. Instead of a cabinet though, it had two rows for four people to sit down and play as their turtle, and it was hooked up to a giant screen (for a 4 year old).

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