Quick update by Mxy: New users: You get to upload images/avatars and send/receive PMs once you have 10 approved posts.

Or how I learned to stop worrying and love the search function.

I'm going to start this off by saying this is primary for new users. We've had a lot of them since we got the new forums and we will continue to get more in the future. You guys (and girls) that have been around for a long time already get all this.

So, you new people listen up. This is going to make your life here on the forums much easier.

I have two guidelines that apply to all the forums. Every section.

1. One thread per topic.

It just makes it simpler for everyone to find or comment on something if we have one thread that covers that topic. If you have a thread called Super Mario World, we don't need "How fast can you finish SMW?" and "Who is your favorite character from SMW" threads as well. All that stuff can be discussed in the general SMW thread. Now if you wanted to create a thread called "Who is your favorite Super Mario character" well, that's a different subject and can cover a whole bunch of games and thus is fine.

2. Post in the right section.

If you read this guide, you will know if you are posting in the right place.

Ok, that's out of the way. Let's cover each of the sections.
Bold - Section
Italic - Forum
Underline - Sub Forum
Link with sized text = Thread

Social Lounge

Meet & Greet
The Meet & Greet is where you post your intro thread. You are STRONGLY encouraged to make an intro thread if you are new. Your intro thread is YOUR thread. You control the conversation and you can use your intro thread to tell us about you, share a funny story about yourself or pimp your blog/clan/site/whatever. The subject of the thread is YOU so use it. Hell, none of it even needs to be true. The only thing we ask is that you put some content in there. You've got a whole bunch of space, use it!

Forum rules and posting guide
This is where you find the rules and this posting guide. You can't actually make any threads here.

Gaming Discussion
Every thread in this section should be gaming related in some way.

Dtoid Recommendations thread

A question that comes up a lot on the forums is the “Should I get x or y game?” or “what games do you recommend I play?”. This thread is where these questions should go. Just post it there instead of making a new thread for it.

Official Game Threads
This is where you will find the threads for individual games. You can talk about info that's been released, rumors, screenshots, strategys and that kind of stuff. Each game gets ONE thread. This will create an archive for everyone to easily find out the latest on their favorite game.

The Bar
This is probably the most popular section on the forums because of the one thread that spawned it. This section is what most forums would call “Off-Topic”. Post about whatever you want here if it doesn’t fit into any other section. It doesn’t even have to be about gaming. The prime 2 rules still apply here though.

The Bar (Thread)
The second most popular thread on the forums. It’s been in existence since nearly the beginning of Destructoid and has over 350 thousand views. This thread is off-topic in a sea of off topic. That is its purpose. Anything goes here (for the most part) and conversation moves fast. That’s why this thread is perfect for questions. Rather than making a new thread to ask that question you could have answered yourself by going to Google, why don’t you post it in the bar? Everyone reads it and it will be answered (or you will be chided for not finding it yourself). Just have some verbal diarrhea? Bar thread. (but keep it to one post, 18 in a row is spam). Want to tell people about the awesome achievement you just got? Bar thread. Want to ask when a game is coming out? Google and if you can’t find it. Bar thread. Want to pimp your blog? Ba..NO. STOP. What did I just tell you? That goes in your intro thread.

Offtopic questions, lists and bloggy stuff
This is the sub-forum for threads that aren't really discussion topics and more statements. Threads you would find in this section are "What did you eat today" or "What is your favorite candy" or "Venting Anger". We get a lot of these and they are very popular so they get their own sub-forum

Site Support
Something broken on the site? Well, your first action should be to e-mail support@destructoid.com. Otherwise, you can post a thread here describing your issue and it will get forwarded on. Got a suggestion for the site? First go here and search for it.

Non-Site Help
Trying to figure out how to get your PS3 working with your 12 inch black and white TV? Good luck, and this section would also be a good place to look for help on it. This is the kind of help you would post here. Anything that isn't site specific.

Resolved/Legacy issue archive
You can't post here, but you can find old threads on resolved help topics. This is a good place to look to see if your issue has already been covered.

Destructoid Community

Destructoid: The site, The editors, The community
This section will serve the purpose of having a place where people want to talk about site specific goings on. Past pax stuff, threads about specific Dtoid originals, Threads about editors and so on.

Not suggestions (as that has a place here ) but ongoing feedback about features and such

Friday Night Fights + Meetup & Play
This is where you would post a thread if you want to host a particular FNF on a particular system. As you can see, a new thread is put up for each console/system for each week. Once those weeks are over they get closed. This is where you can find out what's on the menu each week.

Unofficial Tournaments
Want to set up a tournament? This is the place for it.

Community Meet ups
A NARP is a No Apparent Reason Party. If you are throwing a party or want to meet up with dtoiders at an event, this is the section you would look/post in. Send me a PM about it with DETAILS and I will put it in the forum calendar.

Meet up archive
This is the archive of events that have passed.

Dtoid Regional Groups
DTOID LA. DTOID SF. DTOID UK. If you have or want to start a Dtoid Group in your city, this is the place for it. If you are looking for information on a paticular group, this is also where you would find their thread with info. Each group gets ONE thread.

Trade yo games!
See the special rules for this forum

Shows & Podcasts

Here you will find forums for all the related Podcasts and Video shows from Destructoid. Since this list will change over time, I'm not going to list them all but you can find a forum for each show AND a special forum for Community Podcasts.

Past Shows
Here you will find threads and sub-forums for shows that are no longer around. This is the ideal place to continue discussing those shows and find links to episodes.

That is it my friends. That covers all of the forums. If you ever have ANY questions please send me a PM. I’m here most every day and I will answer you as soon as I’m able.

Quick FAQ

*The meat man Reggie goes away after 10 posts.

*The power bar is determined by your posts. It’s just there to look cool. You don’t get anything.

* All the current Badges and how to get them

* you can embed a youtube video in your post by putting everything after v= between youtube /youtube.

For example -

* If you think you need a badge - POST HERE otherwise we may not see your post. You can also PM Mxyzptlk or Zodiac Eclipse.

* If you have an IDEA for a new badge - POST HERE

Any and all of the above is subject to change at a moments notice. It is however not very likely that it will.