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Thread: Ross/Aerox Profession of Elation

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    Ross/Aerox Profession of Elation

    You gotta hand it to the man that willingly subjects himself to blinding ignorance regularly just to give us all something to laugh at. J-Ro is a stronger man than I'd ever be for that.

    A couple of my favorite FBFs:
    Blueway Edition
    Turbo Nerd Edition


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    lol, nice title. J-Bro is MAH man.

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    Super cool dude.

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    J-Bro is the broist bro that has ever broed

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    The things I do for Jro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by orcist View Post
    The things I do for Jro.
    What exactly ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by orcist View Post
    The things I do for Jro.
    ha ha ha. bang his sister and fuck up little kids?

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    Quote Originally Posted by digtastik View Post
    ha ha ha. bang his sister and fuck up little kids?

    I'm glad that I get the reference and delighted that most people won't.

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    Can combine with Chad to form "SEXIEST MAN ALIVE" Tactix is offline
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    J-Ro's alright by me <3

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    He's a snooty sonuvabitch, but he's got love for Lady Gaga which means it all works out. Plus, he always extols the virtues of my cake.

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    J-Ro is a cool guy. Totally AWESOME.

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    He's always a bro in IRC.

    Whenever I see his avatar I think of this:


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    I ate the fanciest meal of my life with Jonathan.

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    I personally witnessed him dying on the inside while doing a FBF post. It was kind of awesome.

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    He's cool.

    I guess.

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    Always enjoyed the L4D2 with the sniper-god Aerox, although I wonder if you people will be playing that when I get back.

    Trashing pubs is fun, getting trashed by teams, not as much.

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    Aerox is cool.
    I guess.

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