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Thread: Need Castlevania sprite, as large as possible!

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    Need Castlevania sprite, as large as possible!

    Ok, so I wasn't entirely sure where to put this, so it goes here.

    I have a project for you guys and I will make it worth your while. I need one of you to find me a sprite rip of the original chain powerup from the first Castlevania. Y'know, you'd whip a candle and it would fall out and make your whip bigger? Yeah, I want that. Whoever finds me the biggest one will be honored in some way here on the site. I haven't yet worked out the details, but you'll like it, I promise.

    So, can anyone help me out?

    UPDATE: Forum member, Keener sent me an IM about 15 minutes after I posted this with a fantastic sprite. So, he wins. Sorry to everyone else. I'm now locking this thread.

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    This is really small, but I believe that is the original size of the sprite from the game. Can always increase the size to whatever you want. I got the image from here:

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