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Thread: Wolfenstein 3D up on PSN

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    Wolfenstein 3D up on PSN

    I don't see a topic yet so I thought I'd post one, anyone purchase this yet? It's by far the best $5 you can spend right now, it controls really well with a ps3 controller, I don't know if it's up on XBL as I haven't turned my xbox on in months. Only thing it's missing is multiplayer but the original didn't have it but it would of been a nice touch to add some coop or something. I've played through a couple levels it really brings me back to my child hood and I think the shitty graphics aged pretty well, but then again I fucking love giant pixels on my plasma.

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    its up on xbl.. but im not gonna get it

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    Sacrilege! Respect your roots and all that jazz.

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    Play it on a console? BLASPHEMY!

    Dosbox is the only way to go.

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    I bought Doom, because well, it's fucking Doom.

    I don't think I can justify buying this though. Since I have it already, for free.

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    Wouldn't a better value be to try to track down Return to Castle Wolfenstein for the X-Box because all of the original is on there (albeit as an unlockable, but I think there's a code you can enter to open it anyway)? Shit, I see a bunch of used Amazon listings that are under 1 dollar for that game...I may actually pick that shit back up, because I kinda liked it.

    Then again, this only works for X-Box 360 owners, as the PS2 version didn't have this.

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