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Thread: Other Television Series Thread

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    So last night I watched a few brief clips of this "Lucifer" you have in Supernatural. Is he even real or just a figment of Sam's imagination? He's like the anti-Jiminy Cricket from what I've seen so far, an almost cartoonish stereotype of evil. I liked the part where everyone started banging their heads in the library. That was neat.

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    He's real. Though you're kind of ruining it for yourself by not watching the show to see how it gets to that point. It would definitely seen dumb if you don't know the context of why he appears like that to Sam.

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    Well, that goes back to the spoiler discussion we had the other day. Stuff like that doesn't really bother me so much. I would like to see it all though, from the beginning. That was just one of the random Youtubes I ran across with the Xbox app, after I got home last night.

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    I don't think context and story progression relate to spoilers but I get your point. Definitely watch it from the beginning. First episode or two came off as dude-bro but after that it just gets really good and becomes great on the way.

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    The wiki is amazing dude. Wow. Really enjoying this.


    Not reading the entire thing in detail, just the origins and stuff. I think I'd rather watch the show than read the synopsis for each individual episode, because that really is a lot to take in all at once.

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    Currently running shows that I'm watching:

    White Collar
    Supernatural (Not caught up with season 8 yet)
    Dexter (though I haven't followed a whole lot of season 7)

    uhh I think that's it

    Currently waiting for the inevitably mediocre season 4 pilot of Community.

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    I leik Knight Rider

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    Well, I'm sorry to say that none of my favorite shows include David Hasselhoff.

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    I didn't care for him so much as the car. William Daniels' voicework was amazing. Plus it was the 80's version of what advanced AI would look like. KITT was the true star of the show and the only reason they needed Hasselhoff was because KITT couldn't enter buildings. You know, him being a car and all.

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    One episode left to watch of Freaks and Geeks, and that makes me sad. Damn good stuff.

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    Damn right it did. Like so many others. And unlike so many terrible shows that would not fucking die already.

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    Never reading much about the show I assumed Netflix only had the first season. I text ZP to ask about the second season and he informed me there wasn't one. I raged.

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    I hated the ending of Freaks & Geeks, probably because I knew it was cut short, haha. I didn't like the way some of the characters were developed, but it was still incredibly entertaining and had huge potential. Sucks that it only lasted a season. Speaking of sucking..


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    I might give Utopia a go, the fact that it isn't written by Charlie Brooker is fine with me. I got over him a couple of years ago, just isn't that awesome anymore. Screenwipe was where my love stayed.

    I wanted to complete Secret State, but I doubt I'll be bothered with the last episodes now. I honestly thought it was some sort of weird government conspiracy apocalypse style drama but alas no, though Gay Byrne 2.0 is pretty good in it and quite handsome.

    I downloaded the 1st 10 episodes of Young Justice and when the internet comes back I will be downloading all the rest, it's really enjoyable, can meld straight and technical, along with just well written scenes and the comedy isn't too irritating either! But that whole echo'ing Robin laugh that happens when Robin randomly vanishes is annoying and just weird. He's not the Joker...

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    Quote Originally Posted by GlowBear View Post
    I might give Utopia a go, the fact that it isn't written by Charlie Brooker is fine with me. I got over him a couple of years ago, just isn't that awesome anymore. Screenwipe was where my love stayed.
    It might not have been written by Brooker, but it doesn't feel that much different from Dead Set and Black Mirror. I enjoyed it, but there were moments where they dragged out minor happenings and they pulled some pointless camera trickery to make it feel like more important (slo mo fall from a balcony of a character who has two scenes).

    I'm interested to see where it goes, but I can already see the payoff being a bit meh.


    I like the brutality, though. It's swift and off-kilter (it opens with several murders in a comic book store) and it's also darkly funny when it wants to be. Very Cronenberg/History of Violence, I guess. Half the time, you enjoy the cast for not taking things seriously, but then you have these psychopaths chasing them and because of their methods, you realise it's going to get fairly grim.

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    So it took me a fifth try but I finally started and got through a majority of Battlestar Galacitica. I enjoy the series I just dont' know why I would loose interest halfway through. Then months would pass and I would forget all the things that happened and have to start it again. But now I am only two episodes away from Season 4 so heres to sticking with it.

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    Go On started off dull, as Perry's last resort, but it is actually getting better now!

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    Second episode of Utopia was pretty much as I called it.


    Don't think I care as much as I did with the first one, but I'll stick with it.

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    Modern Family last night parodied the Godfather and I found that funny. Currently working my way through Undeclared as per ZP's suggestion, he was pretty spot on with saying it's good but nowhere near as good as Freaks and Geeks.

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