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Thread: Other Television Series Thread

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    Also, I want Zachary Quinto's glasses. They're fucking awesome.

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    If I were gay(er) I'd want him (more).

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    I started watching last year's season of Psych on netflix since it was added recently and it's still a consistently fun show. Easy to breeze through the episodes, but they're still engaging and the humour is great.

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    Almost at the end of Dexter S05, this has been a pretty good season!

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    Stevil's Avatar
    9,556 posts since Jun 2010

    Finished the first season of Game of Thrones.

    The last episode felt pretty underwhelming for a finale, especially after the penultimate one.

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    There's only one final in GoT that will ever matter: the last one.

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    So I was at my folks' place for Thanksgiving and my dad put on this show called 'Duck Dynasty'. It's a "reality show" about a family in Louisiana that hit it rich making and selling duck calls and it's pretty damned hilarious. It's a very slightly different style of redneck, but they remind me of my buddy's family back in Virginia (who were in turn originally from Texas). It's good shit, if you're into that sort of thing.

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    GlowBear's Avatar
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    Good grief American Horror Story really loves to torture female characters.

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    They finally added season one to netflix so I watched the first couple eps last night. Some things I'd heard had made it seem disjointed, but I'm seeing that the narrative is pretty clear. So far, anyways.

    Is good.

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    The quick cuts and small jumps haven't jarred me at all.

    As for The Shield, you're almost there. I'm interested to hear your thoughts after you hit the series finale.

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    I know exactly what you're talking about. Like when McDermott was jogging and it cut to a few steps ahead, then a few steps ahead, all taken from the same shot and camera angle. It doesn't bother me or throw me off.

    I hate Vic so much those last few seasons.

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    Finished the first season of American Horror Story on netflix. I really liked it, though a more apt title might have been American Tragedy Story. I didn't find too much in the scares department, but a whole lot of sadness throughout. But as I've said before, "horror" movies (and TV) don't ever scare me. So yeah, lots of tragic moments and events that just brought about the melancholy feelings.

    Great cast throughout, too. From main characters to smaller roles and guest shots. I knew Zachary Quinto was in the current season but I was unaware he was in the first, and I definitely dug the episodes where he and his Alexander Skarsgard-lookalike popped up.

    I might force myself to torrent the second season or something, because I don't feel like waiting for it to hit netflix sometime next year.

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    Seems season 3 of Boardwalk Empire will be action packed.

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    1,242 posts since Jun 2011

    missing two weeks of tv has basically overwhelmed my dvr, caught up with dexter and have really liked this season, caught up on american horror story asylum and holy fuck balls that show is crazy, still 3 behind on walking dead and have last night's homeland to watch

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    GlowBear's Avatar
    14,786 posts since Oct 2011

    Looking forward to next weeks episode of American Horror Story Asylum as a character from Season 1 or at least an actor is returning and be interesting to see what role they play. According to promo's she'll be some sort of angel of death.

    Watched Walking Dead's latest episode this morning


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    Watching the second season of American Horror Story.


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    For real?

    Guess I should start watching that shit soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tarvu View Post
    I think you meant...


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