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    The names Nik as you could probably tell by the horribly original username. I've lurked around Dtoid for some time and because today is a very slow day at work I've decided to finally get around to posting an intro.

    Anyway about me Iím 24 and live just outside London, Iíve played games all my life and owned most of the major consoles. Favorite games include FF7, Super Mario 3, Sonic and Knuckles, The Orange Box, Gears of War 2, Resident Evil 4 and other such games most of which are sequels, why is that?

    Iím also a pretty big reader with Snow Crash, World War Z and Survivor being some of my favs. More recently Iíve gotten into comics in a big way Iím reading 100 bullets, DMZ, Invincible, Hellboy, The Umbrella Academy, Walking Dead and Scott Pilgrim at the moment. Always up for hearing some recommendations for what to pick up.

    Iím a big movie fan Swingers, Dark Knight, Cloverfield, Iron Man, Top Gun, CONfidence, Bubba Ho Tep, Army of Darkness, Shaun of the Dead, Battle Royale and Heat being a few of my favs.

    That's pretty much me in 4 paragraphs. Hi.

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    Welcome aboard the good ship Destructoid. Meals are served fore and aft on the Lito Deck.

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