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Thread: Dtoid New England, Interested?

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    Dtoid New England, Interested?

    Seeing as how I don't see any threads on this, I just wanted to see if anyone was interested in maybe starting up a New England chapter of the Dtoid Army. When I went to NY for Comic Con, Power-Glove brought up the idea that maybe we should give it a shot. Are you there NE? Let's have some fun. If I get enough interest I'll start the whole shibang with a cblog and google group or if anyone with more charisma and writing spirit than I can take this bitch over to make the prospects of this more attractive than it already is. I'm not very good at organizing things like this but I will give it the ol college try :swings fist:

    I finally created the NE Google Group
    Here is the link to the C-blog post.

    **UPDATE 2**
    DtoidNE user account is official!

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    I don't live in New England, but I grew up in New England and frequently visit. At the very least during the Holidays I am in New Hampshire. I'd be interested in knowing if a group does get put together and know when things are happening. If I'm in town, I may want to say hi.

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    Well I think that--

    Oh, New England. Nvm.

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    Ya I'm from Mass too, there aren't many of us as far as I am aware. If a group is created, I'm down.

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    I noticed not a whole lot of people here are from around New England. I'm from the Boston area, just a train ride away, so I'd be down for something I'm sure.

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    1,931 posts since Oct 2006

    I think I'm going to go ahead and create a group and cblog when I get a chance in the next week, time permitting. What part of MA you from Spectre? I'm from Lynn which is about 15 min outside of Boston.

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    I'm from N.Attleboro which is about a 35-40 minute drive into Boston without rush hour traffic. I'd probably just take the T if we went there because there's a station a few minutes from my house. I'm like 15 minutes from Providence too and more familiar with that area if it's ever decided to go there.

    But I really am not aware of many New England Dtoiders so I'm a bit skeptical :confused:

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    im from Connecticut. probably the only one. was thinking of doing the same thing. but nothing ever comes around these parts. maybe a dtoid NE camping narp would be kinda cool

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    im down for dtoid armada lets do et!

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    1,931 posts since Oct 2006

    I hope this works out people, it would be pretty awesome if it does.

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    I know I'm new but I live in the Boston area and I'd be down for this, it would be great to interact with some other awesome gamers.

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    Don't forget to invite any others. I think a good goal would be to have an established DtoidNE by the time PAX East rolls around next year.

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    1,931 posts since Oct 2006

    Working on it Zerotolo but it's tough looking for people when they don't put their actual locations lol

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    Fuck camping. Dave & Busters!!!

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    1,931 posts since Oct 2006

    That sounds like a good idea, I'm up for going to D&B whenever! Now if only a certain spectre would join the emailer :P

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    Bah, sounds like you lot are closer to New York than you are to me. :P

    I'm a Canadian, but this would actually be the closest group to me. I just applied to the Google group, so we'll see where it goes.

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    Senisan's Avatar
    1,931 posts since Oct 2006

    I spoke to Hamza and he allowed me to create the DtoidNE user account. So, it's official people. I added a link above. take a look! DtoidNewEngland is born

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    I don't know how many gatherings I'll make it to, but we definitely need a P-Town trip this summer.

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    I'm from Leominster, which is about and hour and a half from Boston... so count me in. I'm relatively unknown on here, but I've been a consistent site reader/podcast listener for a year or so now.

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    Well I just did an intro post on the google group, but figured I'd post over here too. Names Jay, I'm from worcester, and I'm heyricochet on here and XBL and steam. I'm really surprised there aren't any more dtoiders around boston, kinda strange. I've been reading for like 2 years now and am an avid retroforcego! listener. Anyone (of the 5 of us) from NE a retrogamer? The only other New England gaming group I know of is New England Classic Gaming which has a home on atariage, I went to one of their meets but that was right before I moved out of New England for a bit.

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