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Thread: When were you in an arcade last?

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    When were you in an arcade last?

    The last time I was in an Arcade (not including the bullshit ones at movie theaters, mine kinda shitty, much to my disdain) was back when I was 14 in Grand Bend, Ontario. I was marathoning House of the Dead with my cousin and we must have poured $20 each into the shit head.

    I wanna hear from the rest of you!

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    About 2 weeks ago.. My g/f and I went to Incredible Pizza (for those that don't know, it is pizza buffet, with a very large arcade/indoor race cart/bowling). I actually went to c-blog about it, but, well, I never got 'a round tuit'.

    They had an import Taiko-drum-style game, and with all the usual ticket redemption games (press the big red button at the right time for 100+tickets) there were a few nice games (not many fighting games, tho). Overall it was more geared for family gaming, (I wish they had HotD)! The main thing to point out though if anyone goes there, it is required to buy both buffet _and_ drink per person before entry to the video games.

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    kinda corny but it was on the first date with my exish girlfriend about 2 years ago. We had one token left and well we still have it as a souvenir

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    Its been a while. I think the arcade in my mall closed when I was around 18. It was a lot of fun but towards the end it just kind of fell apart. The reasoning for its closing wasn't clear, but apparently the head people at the mall didn't "like the kind of people it drew" ie: those of us who came to play video games, buy pretzels, and not much else.

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    Last time I was actually in an arcade, was probably last summer when I was waiting for a couple friends to go see The Dark Knight, and me and a buddy killed an hour or so in the arcade with HotD, because the other idiots did not know which bus to take.

    But I like Clyde's idea, and I will have to use it sometime.

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    I can't find a good arcade here in Amsterdam.

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    I don't think there is one within reasonable distance from here anymore...last time I set foot into one must have been between five and ten years ago.

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    If Dave & Busters counts (think Chuck E. Cheese but with "real food" and not strictly for kids), then this past Sunday. If it doesn't, then probably something like two to four years ago at an arcade in the Mall of America. I don't think it even exists anymore, I haven't been to MoA in quite a while...

    I really don't know of any "true" arcades that are still standing...

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    About 6 months back, I went to a gameworks with my cousin. I am going to a dave and busters tonight.

    It has been years since I have been in a true arcade. The last one in my town went away because they could not pay rent. It sucked. They had a neo geo machine and I spent all my money playing Windjammers.

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    When I was in Vegas getting married we stopped by Excalibur and they kinda had an arcade. At least it was the closest thing to an arcade I've been in since I lived in Jersey so I'm counting it. Was over 3 years ago.

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    Hm... I don't think I've EVER actually been in an "arcade" since central MS seems to have never really had anything like that, but I might just be too young to remember it.

    There are, however, a bunch of arcade machines in local pizza joints which is cool for an afternoon of food and general goofing around after school.

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    The Friday before last. It was a lock-in at some fun park. All of the arcade machines has 1000 credits already in them. House of the Dead, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Tekken, Daytona USA, DDR, etc. It was heaven.

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    Its been about 10 years since I was in one last. The Denver mall had one when a friend and I went to see Dave Matthews Band in '98.

    Growing up in the early 90s was fun though. During family trips I forced my parents to take me to malls wherever we went so I could play some arcades. It was a given.

    Its sad, back then I had to beg my Dad for quarters to play. I grow up and have my own money to throw at them, and I can't find any! Random Hotels is about as close as I get. Maybe a Bowling Alley.

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    I guess the one at disneyland near the Star Tours ride. It's slowly becoming a DDR cafe but when I was there last they did have an old galaga/mrs pac man machine that I played for a solid hour or so. This was..2-3 years ago?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christiangamer View Post
    The Friday before last. It was a lock-in at some fun park. All of the arcade machines has 1000 credits already in them. House of the Dead, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Tekken, Daytona USA, DDR, etc. It was heaven.
    Okay, I'm jealous now...

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    About 5 months ago. It wasn't very good either. I sooooo need an arcade.
    I did play Soul Calibur for about an hour, which was cool.

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    A full-fledged arcade or just playing on an arcade cabinet at any local establishment? If the latter... about 6 months ago, before the nearby movie theater renovated and got rid of its MvC2 cabinet. (WHYYYYYYY?!) If the former... I think my last trip to Disney. The hotel on their resort had a decent arcade.

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    I pass by not one, but TWO of them everyday at Colorado Mills Mall in Lakewood/Golden CO. That's right, the mall has two of them, and they are both within spitting distance of each other. One even has Star Wars Arcade! Try walking by that behemoth everyday without going broke!

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    Never. We don't like games over here.

  20. 03-10-2009, 04:36 PM

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    last summer a buddy and me went to this arcade close by. they have lots of great games, SF2, HotD2, Soul Calibur, MvC1, Metal Slug 3/Fatal Fury (why FF1 though!? that one is crap!), Robotron, Donkey Kong, TURTLES IN TIME, THE SIMPSONS, and the crown jewel- XMEN 6 PLAYER.

    there is a downside to this. a downside? how can that be?


    THE JOYSTICKS/BUTTONS FUCKING SUCK ASS! What good is it when most of the popular games are all fucked up and/or totally unresponsive?! It only costs a few bucks to buy new microswitches and buttons, seriously. and the screens are filthy, and the floors could use a good cleaning too. the whole place could use a new coat of paint and some shmups. I think they had Raiden but everyone and their cousin has Raiden. When I have a little more money saved up and no burden of school over the summer I am going to BEG to work there because I am the only one who obviously gives a damn.

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