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Thread: Bionic Commando lunchbox contest entries!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlmightyTooth View Post
    What did you use for the arm itself? pringles can?
    If that's a Pringles can (or cans) I want to know where he got them from, because those would be some wide ass Pringles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlmightyTooth View Post
    What did you use for the arm itself? pringles can?
    i used a big pvc pipe and a round metal thingy haha

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    Here comes A New Challenger

    Hey look, it's my old pal, The Last Minute. Hi, man, I haven't run into you in a while. How's things?

    Being a Bionic Commando isn't all about warfare and strife. Sometimes an alternative rescue mission presents itself:

    Larger photos here, there, and probably here.

    The cables/wires/decorations didn't come out very well in the photos due to a number of issues, not the least of which is me being lazy and not properly securing them. Bitch bitch moan moan. I might add another photo in a bit. Hope this doesn't suck too terribly, Topher.

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    What do you do with old computer mics, phone cable, speaker wire, 3 boxes of foil and 6 toilet paper tubes? You make the most bad-ass extend-o-matic homemade Bionic Arm EVER!

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    my arm started as a slurpee cup and some lamp parts.
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    Yay, I won. I'll post pics when I get the lunchbox, unfortunately though I de-assembled my arm so I can not do Tophers advice.

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