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Thread: Unreal Tournament III Patch for the PS3 + a few tidbits...

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    Unreal Tournament III Patch for the PS3 + a few tidbits...

    Hey Just thought I'd let the people who own Unreal Tournament III for the PS3 that the new patch is out. What this entails is added Trophy Support and believe it or not, an added two player split screen option. The patch is 93mb and is ready to be downloaded as soon as you spin that disc in your PS3.

    Keep in mind that on the 19th of March, EPIC will be releasing the TITAN pack which will add about 15 more maps and new modes of which one will be where you can turn into a 300 foot behemoth!!

    When that drops I will be reintroducing UT3 to the FNF lineup. The best thing about this is that if you don't own UT3 for the PS3 yet, you can pick one up now for less than 20 bucks. Keep in mind that the PS3 version fully supports mods and keyboard/mouse support.

    Here is a link where you can get an additional 35 plus maps, character mods, and mutators. For FREE. Below you'll see some examples of character mods you can roll with.

    Hope to see you some of you online with this underrated game in between matches of Killzone2.

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    Played it yesterday after a long time of not touching it and I forgot how good the game was. I'm more of a team player though and sadly there aren't that many team based games open with a playable ping.


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    I have this game and am ready for some FNF action, I only paid $30 for it a month or two after release....yay pawn shops!

    $19.99 now BNIB

    BUY IT!

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    Yeah right. And getting raped by Sadistic again? I still hurts when I sit down. And that's almost a year ago...

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    This update sounds great, especially since I'm pretty sure I've seen the game for $14.99. I really don't know why I haven't bought it yet when UT2004 and UT (on Dreamcast) are two of my favourite shooters. So I'll probably buy it sooner rather than later if I see a surge in activity on my friends list.

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    We need this on PC FNF dammit! :mad:

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    I'll get in on that, never really got much use out of the game!

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    This is still 11.99 on Steam, for the PC users who are so inclined.

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