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Thread: Recent Music Purchases

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    My most recent purchases would be Live - Coup D' Ta-Ta's by Attractive Eighties Women and Never Better by P.O.S.

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    Cosutte! Oh my Honey! single

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    I just bought Jake Shimabukuro's Gently Weeps.

    It's got While My Guitar Gently Weeps and Chick Corea's Spain, among others.

    I got it from Amazon. It hasn't gotten here yet, but it should be soon. I can't wait.

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    Just pre-ordered the iTunes Deluxe Edition of "It's Blitz!" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs. It's awesome, and they deserve my money.

    I'll probably wind up buying the physical CD copy too. I'm a fanatic.

    p.s. Karen O is the hottest woman alive

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    Got Portishead, Dummy and Third. The new Metallica, because The Day That Never Comes rocks mah socks, got Antichrist Superstar, because I'm old and remember when it came out, and L.D. 50 from the Mudvayne.

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    Tim Armstrong has been releasing a song a day on youtube under the alias Tim Timebomb. Starting a couple weeks ago several songs are dumped at once onto iTunes once a week for purchase, and I've been nabbing these singles. I'm a huge Rancid fan, and these covers, remakes of his own songs and original tracks are great. They range across a variety of genres, but most seem to be a folksy country-ish style. I'm digging 'em a lot and look forward to each Tuesday so I can download some more.

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    Holy fucking necro, ZP.

    I just bought the new Twelve Foot Ninja. It's amazing. You know, in the absence of a new Faith No More or Mr. Bungle release.

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    Quote Originally Posted by digtastik View Post
    Holy fucking necro, ZP.
    I was going through my old subscriptions looking for something else and decided to do some reviving.

    Is good.

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    The sex!

    That's Tin Horn Prayer's "Grapple the Rails" and their 7" split with Rob Huddleston. So, so good.

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    Mimicking Birds - Mimicking Birds. Signed by Isaac Brocks label Glacial Pace Records. Really mellow acoustic, folkish sounding band. Probably one of my favourite albums this year!

    Officers - On the Twelve Thrones. Gritty, but catchy industrial music. I dont know much about the band, as I just bought it because some guy who works for my father was playing it in the store, and I straight up loved the vibe. (my family business is a record/merch shop)

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