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Thread: Games that you never seem to finish

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    Games that you never seem to finish

    Eternal Darkness: It pains me that I haven't finished such a creative, evocative game. Every time I get to the Pillar of Flesh level, I make the mistake of putting the game down for a week and lose interest in completing it.

    Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas: I hate that I've finished 99.6% of this game twice and that both efforts ended with the final "Crack Palace" sequence. Perhaps it deserves another go...

    Dark Cloud: I really want to like this intriguing RPG for the myriad of activities it combines. But when I start playing, the wealth of gameplay elements overwhelms me. I never get very far past the first town before the prospect of going through the rest of the game extinguishes my desire to play.

    Does anyone else have any shadows of unfinished games that still haunt them?

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    I should get to finishing up Time Hollow. My brother tells me the ending's great.

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    There are far too many games in my collection that remain unfinished. I just cant seem to find the time to finish one game without buying something else in the mean time.

    Ones that I really want to play more of are Persona 3, Lost Oddyssey and Final Fantasy VI Advance.

    Ive played quite a bit of P3 and FFVI but Lost Oddyssey ive just started and really want to get more into it.

    I'll soon be returning to college and out of a job which might give me a chance to play some of the games I already own rather than buying new ones all the time. On the other hand Persona 4 is coming out soon (Ireland) and I do want to play that.

    Anyone else have the problem of getting to the last boss or level in a game and not having to patience to try beat it more than twice?

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    Hmm the games I cant seem to force myself to finish are Lost Planet, Final Fantasy III (DS), and Ultimate Alliance... Last one kinda speaks for it's self, however I don't know why I can't seem to finish the other two.

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    I rarely finish my games sadly, or if I do it will take some time as I hop from game to game. I never finished Lost Odyssey either but the plot was a little bit ho-hum. Nevertheless, great game.

    It really is a change from the old days when you simply didn't have so many games and forced yourself to finish whatever you were playing. Nowadays there are just too many titles dangling in front of your face to be able to solely concentrate on one game especially if it is 30+ hours. There are exceptions though; after reaching level 20 in Fallout 3 and having way too much ammo and cash I forced myself to play through the main storyline to see how it ended, even though things were beginning to be a bit long in the tooth.

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    About 90% of the games I own I never finish. Just this weird thing I do. The game I am worst about is Final Fantasy 9, I've played through to the final dungeon 4 seperate times from start to finish but I have never beaten the whole thing. I'll get to it one day I swear.

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    RPGs. I've played like 50 RPGs and only finished two. Both were FFVII. I can't seem to kill FFVIII and FFIXs' final bosses and I quit trying ages ago. Everything else I either get bored with or get lost on. The only games I really ever finish are platformers and shooters. But what else is there, I guess...

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    I devoted a c-blog entry to this topic a little while back - and no, I still haven't finished it.

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    Ugh, Dragon Quest VIII is still haunting me. I've made it to the very end of the game, and I don't know why, but I put it down and now I can't pick it back up. I'm eventually going to start again and not stop till I finish it, but that'll be after P3, another game I've been trying to finish for a while.

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    Blue Dragon, Dragon Quest VIII, and Twilight Princess. I can't bring myself to play them anymore, and I am probably about 50% through all three of them. I just can't be bothered.

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    Final Fantasy III DS and Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin.

    Of course, my definition of "finish" is pretty different from most people. I'm one of the 100%-ers.

    I need to finish Phantom Hourglass too. I can't wait until I graduate from college. The free time opens up after then, right?


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    I'd have to say most of my DS games. I play them a lot, but then I take a week's break from them and I have no motive to continue. I really want to finish Phantom Hourglass, but I just don't want to have to go through that damn temple over and over again!

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    Final Fantasy VII! I've played through that game so many times and I always stop on the same boss. It's sad that I don't specifically remember the name or the place, but it was in the Temple of the Ancients (?) and I believe the boss itself was a wall to leave the temple. I could be wrong though. I can never seem beat him because I miss some random defensive materia that you can only get at one point in the game, and never once is it suggested.

    So I quit. For the record though, I've watched friends beat it. If I ever see someone else beat a game that I haven't finished yet, I will not complete it myself.

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    Zelda and any JRPG I own. I always say that: "This will be the JRPG I finish!" and I never do.

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    I'm at the last boss in KOTOR but just never got around to finishing it I guess. Oh well.

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    Oblivian, Persona 3 Fes, FFX-2, the original Half-Life, Odin Sphere, The Red Star. Each of these games I've put alot of time in but can't bring my self to finish them off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaffeineKnight
    If I ever see someone else beat a game that I haven't finished yet, I will not complete it myself.
    That happens to me, too. My brother loved the Playstation Final Fantasy games, and I preferred to watch him power through rather than play them myself. I could leave for an hour while he power-levelled and return when he got back to the plot. The only FF game I finished myself--FFX--I regretting completing after the interminable ending. That'll teach me.

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    Oh god, I am horrible at finishing a game. I'll get into it, then suddenly a new game pops up on my radar, or something comes up, and it collects dust for months at a time. Such as Final Fantasy X, Persona 3, Mass Effect, Fallout 3, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShoveTheJayOhBee
    I'm at the last boss in KOTOR but just never got around to finishing it I guess. Oh well.
    Finish it, the ending is totally worth it. I didn't beat him either though. I cheated.
    Taken from Gamefaqs:
    "Before the the final battle with Darth Malak press the L & R Triggers plus the Y Button on all controllers that you have plugged into the Xbox. It's recommended to have the primary controller in port 1 and another controller in port 4. This must be done before you enter the door to face Darth Malak. You'll know if you did it right if your Jedi takes out her/his lightsaber. Then open the door and walk up to Malak and talk to him."

    This actually works, I ain't lying. I won't spoil what happens to Malak, but it's pretty funny.

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    GTA:IV. Seriously I gave up on that shit. Far too grey/brown/gritty/realistic for me.

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