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Thread: We're family Here

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    We're family Here

    When I saw this video (whenever it first came out)

    Ron Workman reminded me of a good friend and cousin of mine. Where'd he get his twang?

    Any Destructoid journalist you relate to especially, reminds you of someone, you'd put a poster of in your room, or is your favorite?

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    Easy question. Colette. Mostly because she was my friend before she even introduced me to the 'toid. We also think alike and have alot of the same appreciations for games and the industry.

    What I want to know is if my assumption that this thread is going to get a bunch of negative responses bashing on a bunch of the editors? I'd like to think the forum is better then that, but I've been proven wrong before.

  3. 12-30-2008, 10:25 AM

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    I'm not going to answer because a.) I love all of my coworkers to death and b.) a lot of the reasons I love them aren't because of what they post or how they write -- it's because they're good people.

    Also, Ron got his twang because he's from Kentucky.

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    I love pretty much all the editors on this site, no bullshit. Each have their own different traits I find endearing, even though there's no one I'll agree with 100% of the time. Since I don't want to call out favorites among the existing crew, I will say that my some of my favorite past editors have been Nex, Workman, Aaron Linde, Isshan, Faith, Leigh Alexander, and William Haley. As far as ones I particularly loathed, there was this certain World Famous former editor-in-chief that excelled in being a douche...

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    I like Jim, because before he moved, he was the only one( that I know of?) that isn't American, and because he's funny as fuck.

    But seriously, all the writers on dtoid are fucking awesome.

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    I love the one that made me famous. References to all the stupid shit people on this site have done in relation to me is one of my favorite bar-style stories.

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    I like Chad Concelmo... because he's always happy.

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    That's a hard one:

    Hamza has promoted a lot of my blogs and has even put two of them on the front page

    Jim always makes me laugh and he reminds me of my brother because he has the same "fuck you, I am right and you are wrong" attitude.

    Niero started the site and I have met him in public and he bought me a burger.

    I've played with Grim a lot online and he is always fun to play with.

    I'm just going to go with the copout and say Niero for this one.

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    I miss workmeng on the frontpage.

    And I couldn't choose a favorite writer, I like them all! The different styles of the writers is one of the best parts of Destructoid.

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    I'd have to go with Jim, but only if he didn't write/type on it anywhere. I think he's fucking brilliant on the podcasts, but anything that comes out of his fingers just pisses me off for some reason.

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    Niero's a great guy, so I like him best. I think Reverend Anthony writes the best posts, though, and I've talked to him and he's a cool dude.

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    Colette Bennett totally touched my arm at PAX!!!!!!!!

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    Easy. Colette Bennett.

    She's just super hot. I love those eyes. Srsly. She totally knows I have a girl crush on her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VGMari
    Easy. Colette Bennett.

    She's just super hot. I love those eyes. Srsly. She totally knows I have a girl crush on her.

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    Dracula from Castlevania. Specifically, Portrait of Ruin's Dracula.

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    Colette reminds me of my sister: Very geeky and tomboyish.

    Of course, my sis is more of an Otaku-type geek than a gamer.

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    I jusswanna shay... *hic* ...i loveyouall youguysh arethebesht

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    When he still used to write, I'd have to say backflip. That's going back though.

    Right now, probably Concelmo, based off of the Memory Card articles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mxyzptlk
    As far as ones I particularly loathed, there was this certain World Famous former editor-in-chief that excelled in being a douche...
    I see what you did there.

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