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Thread: Heya!

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    Hey there, I am SuperMonk4Ever, but you can call me Andrew. One of my friends showed me this site and how he gets his fix on gaming news and entertainment here. So, I made myself a profile and here I am!

    Okay... a little bit of gaming info from me:
    I really only play my 360, my Wii still continues to collect dust sadly. My favorite bunch of games would have to be Rock Band 2, Left 4 Dead, Halo(THE FIRST ONE!!), Timesplitters (God, the memories with that game...), Bioshock, Super Smash Bors. series, Metal Gear series, and Half-Life 2.
    Right now, I am playing COD: World At War, Rock Band 2, Guitar Hero: World Tour, Left 4 Dead, Soul Calibur IV and Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit (Yes... I do like that game). If you would like to play with me, send me a message or friend request at SuperMonk4Ever on Xbox LIVE.

    And for an extra bit of info, I tend to listen to Coheed and Cambria, Daft Punk, and LostProphets while I pWn some n00bs online! ;D

    And yes... I realize I have no avitar, I am using a crappy Windows 98 until my other computer gets fixed. So please be patient and I will update my profile when my other computer gets fixed.

    Thanks, and I hope to see you all in the forums!

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    Nice intro. Welcome to the forums.

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    Heh thanks guys!
    Oh, and thanks for the picture Mikey, it seems so... welcoming to say the least.

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    Came to commend you on listing TimeSplitters. Welcome!

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    SuperMonk4Ever? 4Ever Ever?

    Welcome to Destructoid!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrailerParkJesus
    SuperMonk4Ever? 4Ever Ever?

    Welcome to Destructoid!
    Yes... 4ever and ever and ever...

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    Re: Heya!

    Quote Originally Posted by SuperMonk4Ever
    I tend to listen to Daft Punk
    You're already good in my book!

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    Heya big boy, welcome!

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