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Thread: Official Song of Ice and Fire Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by nmcmahan52 View Post
    finished up feast for crows this morning before work, weakest of the series so far for me, swords was epic
    That's a common reaction. It's much better on a reread and I picked up on a lot more the second time through. It's tough to follow Storm though.

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    i went into it expecting it to be worse though after seeing some reader reviews, it wasn't bad by any means, it's nice to see the inner workings of cersei's mind

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    Quote Originally Posted by nmcmahan52 View Post
    i went into it expecting it to be worse though after seeing some reader reviews, it wasn't bad by any means, it's nice to see the inner workings of cersei's mind
    Her descent into madness is great. There are some other great moments in there as well. Most people didn't get into Brienne's travels, but her arc held one of my favorite things.

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    i really liked the greyjoy plot line but it's there were a total of 4-6 chapters of it, didn't think that was enough

    regardless i'll start dance today, i'm sure it'll take me months to finish

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    i kept getting confused on the dorne stuff, arys and areo i was like wtf

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aurain View Post
    It's a pretty good one, but badly placed imo. Rather than making it more front ended, it should probably have been spread more in the latter half/third to let people feel more comfortable in the established characters we know.
    The Dorne parts are kind of lame too because it's so foreign and new to the series.

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    Ciaran Hinds has been cast as Mance Rayder. Once again, I'm not feeling it. He seems a bit old for the role, but maybe I just pictured Mance in his forties, I dunno.

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    i was hoping for someone like james purefoy or something as lord snow is supposed to be surprised mance is so young/not grizzed etc

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    It probably doesn't help that the last thing I saw him in was Ghost Rider 2 playing a Devil that was literally falling apart due to old age.

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    maybe they just got him because he was already in rome and they had a good relationship with him, i dunno, but yeah i'm not digging it

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    Yep. Read it. Season 3 here soon too! Season 2 bluray release is a month away.

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    Ooh, thanks for the heads-up on the sample chapter. I'll have to check that out now.

    My co-worker has been reading the series recently, which has reminded me of how deeply I was sucked into this world when I read them. I definitely need to go through it again soon. Back to the good ol' days of Winterfell, when everything was perfect.

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    Ser ilyn Payne has terminal cancer. Sadness.

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    Oh man, I just realized we're only a couple months away!

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    Niiiiiiice. I just reserved a copy for in-store pick up. Will nab tomorrow.

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    Picked mine up yesterday. It has some pretty great features. The only problem us that the new expanded maps make me want to buy the new set of hardbacks for all of the new maps. I have issues.

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    Definitely. It's been my plan to buy whatever super sexy edition of all the books whenever the last one gets released, because you know it's going to happen. But this for eight bucks is an easy buy now.

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